I used to think Poverty is the worst thing to happen to someone but that isn’t cutting it close. The fact that you don’t have money to spend today does not mean you won’t have to spend tommorrow. I also thought ignorance is bad, funny thing is ignorance is bliss. You don’t feel or remember something you don’t know. You don’t have memories of smiles, words or feelings that you don’t understand. In the case of poverty, no matter how you try, you can only smell or see what you can’t afford. You strive to overcome poverty. You try to do better, know better.
But grief? Grief is in a class of its own. Losing someone is the the worst thing that can happen to you. One minute you are chatting about suitors and the next thing your loved one is gone. Can you tell me if you can remember your car, house or food when you hear that your loved one is dead? Would you know your location at that particular point in time even? You have feelings. Countless memories. More painful is the fact that you start thinking about things you should have done better.
My younger  sister died in a road accident last year,  three days after a heated argument about her school of choice. When I called her to make peace, the terrible network we have in Nigeria made it impossible to convey my remorse and feelings.
In my opinion, it is better if you were duped of a lot of money or lost your car (believe me you’ll grieve if you did) but when you loose someone, the feelings are best described if you are wearing those shoes. It’s like your heart is broken into pieces. Like someone tore something from your mind. 
And memories? You get gazzilions of them. Like the time you pushed them away, called them stupid or can’t help with their school fees or homework.
 If you aren’t strong enough, you may lose your sanity to grief.  I was depressed and my work suffered but I let people help me, to encourage me and only then did I come out of my shock and despair and grief.
I pray you won’t loose someone dear to you. That is the worst thing that can happen to you.
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