No Nigerian should be upset with investigations into how deep corruption anchored itself in the administration of President Jonathan as we need to know who did what and how. These latest arrests over an alleged arms deal are welcome in as much as they lead to timely charges with a court appearance by those accused who again are innocent until proven guilty. Extended jail time without being charged for specific offences is unjust and should be protested against if it happens.
However, it is great to see attempts to paint the War Against Corruption with a tribalistic hue being easily seen as spurious if we take a census of tribes those arrested come from. It is very clear that President Buhari is not targeting any region unless someone wants to claim he is after people from the North, where he is from? Any takers? Conjecture at best. We expect more arrests to follow and the spread will get wider still.
What is not so spurious is the perception that political affiliation is a factor. So, while no one can dismiss the obvious fact that it will be PDP members involved in an arms purchase scandal that was allegedly executed under the nose of President Jonathan, the fact that there are very few cases of corruption involving APC politicians paints the picture of a targeted campaign. That is the perception. It is a false one though.
Cases are being built against several APC politicians, some of whom have been questioned already some of whom made news headlines. We must realize that if corruption was endemic in the Goodluck Jonathan administration as it was in the two previous administrations, all of them by PDP Presidents, expect majority of people involved to be PDP politicians. That is only logical. APC politicians who crossed over from PDP and some assume are being protected by the president cannot be if there is evidence against them in these cases. It will be extremely stupid if arrested PDP politicians do not squeal on them. Let us wait and see if several dots do not connect.
Corruption cases against APC politicians will invariably be at State level in APC controlled states such as Rivers, Lagos and Osun which are some of the states we hear "noise" from. Allegations are not enough though nor is an attempt to connect dots on social media. Hard evidence is needed. So, we have to be patient while the EFCC builds its cases against them. Cries of protected "high value" politicians in APC are just that without evidence. Wailing.
With that in mind, at the moment, we dismiss the allusion that President Buhari's War Against Corruption is politically motivated even though a few of those arrested were his political enemies. The question to ask is, "did they do the crime?" If it is found out that they did, we now know why they were opposed to Buhari becoming President. To me, that is the more logical explanation.
One mistake we think the government is making has to do with how information about these investigations have been released to the public. Imagine how effective it would have been if the first time we heard about Dasuki being involved in an arms deal was at this moment when there are over twenty people arrested? The previous exchange between him and the presidency over what role he played did not need to happen on the pages of newspapers. The government does not need to respond to statements by accused people if it has evidence against them with which they are charged to court.
Trying to inject emotional sentiment into criticism of how the government is prosecuting its War Against Corruption is a disservice to Nigeria. Justice must be seen to be fair and Nigerians need to stop trying to sabotage it simply because those being investigated are from parties or regions they have vested interests in or only because they want to oppose President Buhari and his political party APC. What exactly do we want really? President Buhari to fail or Nigeria to be successful in becoming great again? Right now, the success of Nigeria as a nation is tied to Buhari being a successful president.