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A United States academic report for 2015 has suggested that the Igbo of South Eastern Nigeria are the most brilliant black Africa race. According to the report: “a search through the promotional materials of school for a black student – all schools and colleges would always show some black faces in their promotional materials if they have any – reveals that they have had at least one black student, and it was, unsurprisingly, a Nigerian Igbo.”

This is just as two teenage Nigerian high school students, Harold Ekeh and Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna, have broken a record of being accepted by eight Ivy League schools in the United States. Ekeh is a 17-year-old senior student at Elmont Memorial High School, Long Island while Uwamanzu- Nna is a high-school student from Long Island, New York.

Schools within the Ivy League are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University.

However, the feat, according to two online news portals, NBC News and MSN, revealed that both teenagers are faced with “a big decision to make soon.” For instance, Ekeh was granted admission by 13 universities, including all the eight Ivy League schools.

The NBC News reports that Ekeh is faced with the dilemma of whittling down his college prospects, having applied to 13 colleges, with the hope to “maybe” get into Stony Brook University, about an hour east of his home in Elmont, Long Island.

But, in recent weeks, the cascade of reply letters started pouring in: Harvard. Yes. Yale. Yes. Princeton. Yes. Not only did he get accepted to all of the schools he applied to, those include all eight Ivy League institutions. Speaking with NBC News, Ekeh said: “It’s very, like, stunning.

It’s like getting hit with a brick, honestly. When you see congratulations, you’re like, wow your hard work has paid off, definitely.” The straight-A student has accomplished the rare feat of getting into all of the nation’s Ivy schools, crediting his parents’ work ethic for setting an example and a desire to strive in his adopted homeland after emigrating from Nigeria 10 years ago.

“I find that I’m very over-involved,” Ekeh said, counting advanced placement classes and extracurricular activities, such as science research, school plays and being editor-inchief of his school newspaper, as filling up his time. Ekeh, who scored a 2270 out of 2400 on his SATs, said: “I do have conflicts that maybe I’ll have this programme at the same time as I have another programme and so it’s hard to choose which one to be involved in.

I expected to maybe get into Stony Brook, a couple of other safeties, just based upon the SAT and the GPA, but I was still never certain of anything. There are so many variables taken into consideration in college admissions, so I was never certain of anything at any point.”

Ekeh, one of five brothers, said he wants to study biochemistry and become a neurosurgeon. He is inspired by his grandmother, who began showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s when he was 11. He wants to find a cure. “There are so many researchers working for Alzheimer’s disease right now and many neurogenic disorders that definitely a cure can be found soon,” he said.

As for where he is going to college, he isn’t quite sure, but would like to stay close to family. “I am leaning towards Columbia right now because I’d like to stay in New York City for I guess the rest of my career and work at Mt. Sinai,” Ekeh said, adding that America has given his family a life they might never have had in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Uwamanzu- Nna, who also had found herself in the same situation, told MSN News that she has a big decision to make soon. The Elmont High School valedictorian, who was accepted into all the eight Ivy League schools, also gained admission into Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Uwamanzu-Nna is the daughter of Nigerian immigrants, who said her parents instilled in her the value of education. “Though I was born here in America, I visited Nigeria many times. And I’ve seen that my cousins don’t have the same opportunities that I have.

So, definitely, whatever I do, I want to make sure that it has an impact on Nigeria,” she said. She also said her own tenacity and persistence helped shape her into becoming a great student. But as with a lot of students, she did face hardships with some classes.

“I struggled with numerous classes in the past. But I guess what allowed me to be successful, ultimately, in those classes, is my persistence and my tenacity,” she said. Though Uwamanzu- Nna hasn’t decided on which college to attend, having scored a GPA of 101.6, and with a recent invitation to the White House Science Fair, reports indicated that there’s no doubt that she would continue her academic excellence.

The report that suggested the outstanding academic performance of the Igbo revealed that if only environmental factors were responsible for the different Intelligence Quotients (IQs) of different populations, the world may expect to find some countries where Africans had higher IQs than Europeans.

The report cited empirical backup using theories propounded by eminent scholars such as Richard Lynn, a British Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster and Arthur Jensen, who was a professor of educational psychology at the University of California, Berkeley.

The report’s findings also revealed that while the fact remains that black immigrants to the U.S have shown achievements that were superior to native black Americans, studies had also shown that it had been a phenomenon studied since the 1970s at the least.

Using Lynn theory, who was also an assistant editor of the controversial journal Mankind Quarterly, who is known for his views on racial, ethnic and national differences in intelligence, the report revealed that: “Failure to find a single country where this is the case points to the presence of a strong genetic factor.”

For Jensen, the report said: “Regression would explain why Black children born to high IQ, wealthy Black parents have test scores two to four points lower than do White children born to low IQ, poor White parents.” The report also stated that at first, it was just the Caribbean blacks who were a subject of this unexpected outcome.

As black Africans kept immigrating into the U.S, they showed even higher levels of achievement than the native blacks. Many scholars theorised on the reasons for these differences, from Thomas Sowell’s proposal that this disproved the validity of discrimination against native blacks as an explanation for their underachievement (Sowell, 1978), to other scholars who suggested that these immigrants were just the most highly driven members of their home countries as evidenced by their willingness to migrate to a foreign country (Butcher, 1990).

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  • Busola Olorunsola

    This is quite revealing…wow

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    British knew and that is what they have been fighting to stop. God will liberate us from British bondage…

  • Myth

    Lol fake report. First the couple you used are edo couples, not igbo lol. Secondly where are your sources, quotes, citations, bibliography etc. this is clearly a made up article formulated to boost your igbo ego. I’m sorry but you have failed woefully. You can’t even identify Igbo traditional wedding attire vs an edo one.

    Nigerians please wisen up. This is a biafraud article.

    • Elvis

      The earlier you disabuse your kind of all Igbophobia tendencies, the better for you.

      Haters can’t stop Igbos from advancing, just like no one can stop a star from shining.

      Here is the source you requested, or is it fake too?


      • Busola Olorunsola

        Thanks Elvis for advising Myth or what did he come himself, appropriately, thanks for the link, nothing more to add


      Jealousy is a horrible thing. The fact is the fact. Go and read a book called The Triple Package” written by a Jew and an Asian American who are quite objective. Meanwhile stop the hate, it won’t help.

    • Godwin Agubalu

      Attire or no attire the names are Igbo.

    • Okey

      Several individuals and groups from different tribes out of envy and hatred have tried as much as possible to put the Igbos down and to make them look small, even brutalizing and killing them. But they still survived against all the odds. I think they deserve to be respected.

  • God Bless Biafra!
    Referendum for Biafra
    Nigeria has Expired 1914 to 2014 Amalgamation
    Referendum for Biafra

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      well it doesnt reflect on your twitter handle though

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    Biafra, the land of the RISING SUN, It shall be a reality one day

  • Nairaskobos

    Igbos have reasons to be proud. In Nigeria, one other tribe falsely assigns to itself the title of the most sophisticated tribe in Nigeria.

  • Olusegun

    I don’t know why we celebrating this fake report from an unknown source. Not CNN, not Newyork times, not the Guardian wrote anything about this concerted piece written to gratify the egos of the Igbo man. Making them to continue living in fools paradise.

    • Godwin Agubalu

      What is fake about? When you hold people against their will it is called bondage or slavery.

    • Ken

      This Is a display of the highest level of foolishness and envy. You also showed your stupidity with your write up. You can NEVER wish this truth away.

    • Okey

      Olusegun, your reaction have just exposed your envy and hatred. maybe you can sue skytrendnews for giving such a report. The Igbos have survived against all odds since after Awolowo the then minister of finance allowed them to withdraw only 20 pounds from their hard earned money in their accounts after the civil war.

    • Brown

      Tribalism and bad Belle is your problem try to wake up. What brought tribalism into this obvious fact. You can never grow up. Unnecessary hatred for the Igbos will never lead you to success. You complain tradition also. Shame on you. If you don’t know it’s only the Igbos that embrace and identify themselves with other people’s traditional attires and still feel proud. Igbos are lovers not hatters and lovers never lack. Very soon Igbos will emerge American president.

  • Okey

    If any Nigerian can react negatively against this write up, then that is a big shame. Because I feel Nigerians should be proud of reports like this irrespective of the ethnic group.

  • Chinedu Aneke

    One has to wait and see what the future Holds for the Igbos

  • Mohamed Sanoh

    The Consciousness of Africans Is really perplexing and sometimes embarrassing! Instead of celebrating our success stories, We are arguing about ethnicity. Even when we are gifted with something special, our lack of sound consciousness doesn’t allow us to benefit from it. I can’t even believe an African ethnic group or a tribe would call themselves A “Race”. The word “Race” was created by the ruling class of America to divide Indentured Servitudes Europeans And slaves Of African Descent, to stop their constant Rebellion against their masters. Because Of Their deplorable Back Breaking Work On The Farm, These two Groups Often times Came Together To Rebel Against Their Masters. To put a stop to this constant threat of rebellion, a bit of privilege was given to Indentured European Servitude (White Race), to now guard Enslaved African Descent. Hence, the problem of rebellion was solved. I can clearly see The same theory of divide and conquer in action here. When I read the history of how tiny European Countries were able to Conquer this magnificent Continent Of Africa, It was simply because of divide and conquer! And to this day, Africans still allow ourselves to be divided by tribalism, regionalism, religion, and nationalities. I hope we can seek the right knowledge and learn from our past history to be united as a people. Or else, no one will take us seriously! This is supposed to be a celebration of an African success story, not a show of ignorance and embarrassment!

    • Nia M. Jones

      This is the most EDUCATED response I’ve read. I noticed no one had anything to say to rebuttal this brilliant AWAKENED CONSCIENTIOUS comment. Only the truly AWARE would know that this article is a divide and conquer propaganda filled piece of … Crap. Not only does it divide within the continent it also divides between the continental Africans and the African descendants. The comment section of this BS article is hilarious. The only rebuttal I’ve seen was the FALSE accusation of being jealous. Laughable!! It’s a good thing that the African descendants EVERYWHERE (worldwide) know that the pale beings will TRY to make us appear to be the stupidest people on earth knowing it’s quite the contrary. I’m laughing as I type this.

      • Mohamed Sanoh

        Thanks Brother, We Have A Lot Of Work To Do On Ourselves! If We Continue This Divisiveness, It Will Only Lead To Self Destruction, And The Invitation For Others To Enslave Us For Life!

        • Nia M. Jones

          I’m your sister brother Mohamed. LOL
          Yes, we do have work to do. A lot of it. We’re damaged from centuries of programming. I have hope that we are going to overcome. Eventually. Ase’ brother.

          • Mohamed Sanoh

            My Apologies Sister, it’s been corrected. We have had glorious past in Africa, our history did not begin after slavery or colonization. it seem like Renaissance is in the corner about to happen. Our biggest weakness today is division, Lack of Institutions, mis-education (ignorance), moral bankruptcy, and lack of leadership. We can only count on ourselves to make it happen. Every little things we do counts, the way treat each other, what we eat, the organizations we are part of etc; all counts. The goal is to make Africa what it should be. That’s why i’m proposing to every intelligent African descent that we need a book of like everyone else in the world, regardless of our religious beliefs, nationalities, or ethnic back ground. We must at least have one thing we can all subscribe to, ” An Ideology”, so that any where we meet regardless of our back ground, we can bond! Group Economics is what we are not practicing, to put our money where our mouth is. Every penny we spend, goes to other people, it has left our communities all over the world very poor. That’s what i’m interested in working on. Your can checkout Dr. Claud Anderson on YOUTUBE. He’s the author of three books on these topics. “Black Labor White Wealth”, “Powernomics”, “Little Dirty Secrets”. I will leave you with that, keep in touch.

          • Nia M. Jones

            YES, I love the elder Dr. Claude Anderson! All points are agreed upon brother. You’re absolutely right. Have an awesome week, I surely will.

    • Sir Joe

      I am very happy with your comment, it shows that at least there is a northerner who understands. But, you need to preach that to your brother Buhari.

      • Mohamed Sanoh

        Thanks For Your Kind Responses, But Believe It Or Not, I’m Not A Nigerian. I’m A “PAN AFRICANIST” Who Identify himself With Every Black person In The World, Regardless Of Their Nationality, Ethnicity, Or Religion….. Brother If We Do Not Wakeup from Our Long Sleep, The World Will record Us As The Most Foolish People That Ever Lived On This Earth! I Have Some Asian, Lebanese, And European Friends Who Have Successful Businesses Across Africa. Sometimes Jokingly With A Slip Of The Tongue, They Tell me Africans Are Easy to Manipulate, They Trust Other People More than Their own People. Behind Our Back, They Laugh At Us brother, because Of Our Lack Of Consciousness. I Take Note Of All These And Keep Them As Evidence! Whether You Are A Muslim, A Christian, Nationalities Of None Black African Countries, You Will be Discriminated against Simply because You Are Black! Whether It’s African Americans In The U.S, Blacks In Brazil, And Sometimes Even In South Africa, On Our Own Soil….. For those Of us Who believe In religion, If you are A Muslim, You Will Be Discriminated In Arab Countries, And If you Are A Christian The same applies to you in Vatican, Rome, Italy Or Any European Christian Country. It really Hurts To see Our People Display Of Ignorance Amongst Ourselves, Especially In Public. Ignorance, Is An Enslaving Power…We Need To Wakeup! Peace To You All.

  • david soul

    When will igbo’s and Yoruba’s I mean all the black race stop this stupid competition with one another. And unite and start the race .everyother race has already won .why we haven’t started at all??? Black people are the most backward race in the world because of this hatred for one another. Is a shame.

  • Nia M. Jones

    Bullshit article. Hilarious at most. Comical at least.

  • Adewole Sunday Yemi

    I am grateful to God for these two young Nigerians and I celebrate with their families. Divine wisdom and grace for excellence is a gift from God that he gives to anybody He delights in. It has nothing to do with class, race, ethnicity, or religion. There is no need for any tribe to envy or be embittered about this good news and there is no need also for any tribe to become swollen headed. It doesn’t mean these two illustrious sons of Nigeria are the most brilliant, it only means they the ones lucky enough to be discovered. There are many more perhaps in hundreds or thousands in the villages and cities that go unnoticed. Like the bible says opportunities and seasons happen to them all. Let us roll out the drums for these ones and pray also that God will bring us to limelight.