Akinkitan Joel

By Akinkitan Joel

Everybody is afraid to make a mistake; obnoxious to the maker. Considering the indelible marks they make and unforgettable experiences they leave, Many yet make mistakes because they have failed to learn from their past errors. Mistake is when you miss a take. You are supposed to pick a green colour at a random but eventually ended up picking red, that is a mistake. Not everything we do is actually a mistake. Some are due to unpreparedness and lack of experience. But for the fact that mistake is always arm’s length, we blame it.

You will be wondering why some people failed in some areas where others have thrived, they would say it is a mistake. You will wonder some workers who are perpetual late comers blame mistake blame it on some sort of mistakes. Some will not read very well before they go for interviews, yet come back blaming mistake because they weren’t shortlisted for the job. Until we had stop blaming someone for our mistakes we will always find it difficult to succeed.

You are not only one in that line of business. Whatever you do is the picture you are portraying in your clients’ minds. They don’t want to know whether there is any grammar called mistake or not. “No mistakes” should always be your watchword. Why will you jeopardise your success because you are clinging to your mistake? Let go off mistakes and let perfection takes over your errors. If you had, at one time or the other, made some mistakes, let it remain unforgettable encounter. Never fall into that same trap again. Enough of had I known. Turn it around and make it I had known or as if I know.

I am going to give you the full meaning of mistake but before that, I want to quote what someone said, “Experience is the best teacher but observation is a better lecturer.” I don’t know who said it but I know that is very correct. Experience should be a basis for experiment and that should always instigate rightful expectation. Now, when you spell out mistake, it means: Most Instructive Situations That Advance Knowledgeable Experience.

This mnemonics is self explanatory. It is in its superlative form, Most Instructive; not more instructive. Everything that had happened should always occur to you as most instructive. Don’t be caught unawares!

The problem many people face today is because they don’t learn from adverse situations they might have passed through. They forgot things so easily. This is very bad! Learn from what has earned you a cry and yearn to stay off them.

There are some adverse situations that have made some individuals cry out their confidence. In such situation, you need to be at alert to figure out any one coming to plead for shelter in you. Most Instructive Situations That Advance Knowledgeable Experience.

Learn from your mistakes and avoid them when next they beckon on you.

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