By Akinkitan Joel

It’s a good saying that time and tide wait for no man. Another one reiterates, a tick in time saves nine. You will for ever wonder how time flies. Yes, its takeoff is faster than that of an eagle. What can I do with my limited time or how far can I go when the time is so momentary? Different questions for serious cogitation. All lies in the best use of my time.

Experts have promulgated a lot of theories on how best we handle our time. The questions are again, do these umpteen theories work for everybody? How best have we been using our time? And how many hours per day have been wasted?
Truly, it work for people who are able to control it.

When you wake up each day, can you figure out how many people are wandering about on your street, even, for the whole day? We have countless of people yet doing nothing andthat is the more reason we have problem as to how we make efficient our time. In my new book titled, “Bold Team Spirit”, I have analyzed the two basics type of people we have Living(Alive) and Existing(aimless) People. I have categorised them and drawn out their qualities with the word “WETS”. For a Living person, he has some Work to do always(occupied) but for an Existing, Walk and Wandering(aimless visits and the likes). E for Eat but with different perceptions. To a Living person, food stands for Essential After Thinking through while an Existing, Essential Afore(Before) Thinking.
T for Talkativeness and Taciturnity for Existing and Living respectively. Then, S for Study(Swot) and Sleep for Living and Existing respectively. All these you will find more enlightenments on if you pick up that invaluable book to read.

Back to our discussion, we all have the same time at our disposals but how judgmatically we use it determines the level of our achievements. Great achievers are those who are able to discreetly maintain their limited time for unlimited purpose. You too can be one of those great achievers today!

Now, what is time? Time, According to my own acronyms stands for “Treasured Instrument Measuring Efficiency”. The more you treasure your limited time, the greater your chances of efficient outputs. If you want to be great, be employer of labours and not in the categories of the employed. The mentality we always have is that paid job is the best.

Let’s see it this way. If your annual income is1870$, you’ll be able to buy a car but when it is increased to 2700$, you will definitely go for a jeep; the higher your income the higher your spending. But when you are an employer of labours, the salaries you pay your staff is just out of your profit. Your capital and investment intact! Now, tell me how you will not be stinkingly rich? Always have it at the back of your mind that you need to create a timeline for every time you’ve spent. See that you’ve a pronounced purpose and comprehensive reason for everything you’re hemmed in with.

You can be great, Nigeria can be freed, Africa can be revived and we all can live beyond the pauper limit if we all can make judicious use of our time.

Think wise and live big.Joel