Akinkitan Joel

By Akinkitan Joel

You might be wondering what kind of caption this is. I fit it deem to use this caption in respect to the exigencies of unique accentuation. Everybody knows that we are in a period whereby you Get it by Your Own Means(GYOM). The situation that surrounds us do not permit that you do it as you did it last few years. You need to urgently find new ways of doing old things. This is a period that dynamic people thrive and the statics strive(DTSS). Don’t be surprise if your products is not selling, it’s all your fault! You are not employing law of dynamism.

What is QA? It actually means ‘Quality Assurance’. What is your business quality assurance? Do you have your customers at heart? Do you know and follow judgmatically the law of marketing concept? Every customer has the right to be heard irrespective of your knowhow. Customers complains because they want to help your company’s products get better. Don’t blame them!

Can I give you this business secret. Well established companies sell Goodwill. Quote me anywhere. And they can go to any length to safeguard their Goodwill at any cost. If you are trying to compete with them based on goodwill, you will definitely fail! Why because, one, they have a larger market share. Two, enough money to buy off your company. Three, they have enough money to influence price. So, tell me what you have got? How old is your business that you are running after good name? Why don’t you focus on good products? I ask once again, what is your products’ Quality Assurance? In business world, good products as an infant company is better than good will.

You might not be chanced by financial constraints to go places advertising your company’s products but in your little corner, create an indelible deluxe products for your customers and they will freely do the advertisement for you. No matter where honeycombs are hiding in the forest, people that need them will get there to eat. It doesn’t matter how long but how strong your products are.
I just want to give you the reason why some people succeed where others fail. Though, there might be some sort of advantages but, all the same, the manner of approaches and presentations would go a long way to make you standout. Don’t be greedy of gain.

Godliness with contentment and transparent is great gain. If your profit is low but turnover is still increasing, you need to worry less because the rate of stockturnover actually determine the longetivity of your company and the extent of your profit. Is it not better to have quick turnover with small profit than high profit with epileptic turnover. In fact, to me, I think it’s joy to attend to many people at a time. In the process, you learn, know their needs, listen to their complains, some will even go the extent of proffering solutions. The joy of a business is to see your market moving at a rapid rate isn’t it?

Quality Assurance is very key if you must make headways in a business venture- let your customers rely on your products. There is hhuge profit in product utility.