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I hope President Buhari does not run in 2019 but if he does, it will be sad if we have to choose between the following:
Buhari and Atiku,
Buhari and Tinubu,
Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan,
Buhari and another retread.

This administration should be the bridge to a new generation of politicians at federal level and if we allow the same set of people whose ideas have not moved the nation forward beyond minute steps, then we have ourselves to blame.

Those of you claiming it is too early to think about this should please pause for a second and consider what we have been doing historically in Nigeria. That kind of thinking is what got us in this mess. Short-sightedness!

After May 29, 2017 which is five months away, we start counting down and not up anymore. So, who is on the horizon? What are the names out there? People satisfied with President Buhari and want him to have a second term are set. Those of us who saw him as a single term president, simply do not want him anymore for whatever reason or never did in the first place have a problem.

There is no one we can point to in an active sense right now, though there might be a few sleepers. Not just a new name but one we can actually back up with a resume! Will they just start standing up to be counted when campaign season is in full swing? Not a smart play if you ask me.

Names with a track record that will allow us decide if they can wear the shoes of our president. Not a name pushed because of party affiliation, blurring whom they really are. Believe me, we have our work cut out for us!

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