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Let me start by commending your thoughts and opinion on why you’re against the celebration of a man who was convicted for financial crime. It shows that we still do have some upright and genuinely straightforward and patriotic citizens in Nigeria who still believe in due process and doing things the right way.

But I’ll anxiously like to ask this question; tell me one, just “ONE” political heavyweight in Nigeria as a whole who is 100% clean and free from financial irregularities, OR better still, if an honest money laundering investigation is to be conducted across the Nation, can you beat your chest that your very own political idol will come out clean as a saint? Let him without sin cast the first stone.
To me, James Ibori, former governor of Delta State, was just a victim of circumstances. Every other top politician walking freely today could’ve been trapped in same net as Ibori if the radar was centered on them.

YES, Ibori was jailed for an offence against the state, but trust me, if he is being celebrated with this much enthusiasm just on hearing the news of his freedom, it simply means he is distinct, and has set a milestone in Delta state that is yet to be surpassed. He’s no doubt one of the best (if not the best) governor to ever rule Delta state.

He has empowered more youths and produced more political gladiators than “any” other top politician as far as Delta state is concerned. He played a key role to earn Delta state the relevance which it enjoys today. You can’t write the history of the”new Delta state” without making reference to IBORI.

While we dwell on the things he did wrong, let’s not forget the many things he did RIGHT.

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