By Akinkitan Joel

I’m always wondering what people actually want in times of their want. Naturally, psychologically, scientifically and in all ramifications, men have been proven malcontent.
Then, what can make that person satisfied? Is it your wealth or benevolence? No! Even though you give your body to be burnt on his stead, he won’t still be satisfied. The pungent question is, what can make man satisfied?

In my Primary school days, we used to recite some words of wisdom on the morning assembly. One of them is, “give me not a fish. For a fish will soon be gone. Teach me how to fish and I will fish and fish again.” If you read in line this short words of wisdom, up would have noticed the in depth of knowledge present in it. This answers our question. That is what people need!

People don’t need you spoon feeding them everyday; teach them how to get the recipes and to provide for themselves. People do not need those benevolent acts of arms giving. They need someone that will teach them how to get out from idleness in order to make money. That is why poverty rate is on the increase. Nobody cares to work again. They rely on daily manna from that big madam or papa to drop on them. No time to think of how to think straight. They see their future dangling in the mud of austerity.

I won’t criticise those that are after quick wealth but I would rather advise them on how to stop it quickly because quick wealth leads to quick poverty and shame. What if your money grows like grass and someone, unknowingly, fumigated the same parcel of land with herbicides. What happens? You should now understand that money gotten from dirty source is hazardous for spending. Don’t engage yourself in bad market. MMM can be good for the main time but it is never a substitute for genuine and guaranteed source income. It’s high time we had started saying the truth to ourselves. You don’t need shady and shaky source of finance in form of little percentage you worked for to be all that you depended upon. Do something with your hand. Let us build our nation with handwork and earn it a great name. If you are into gambling of whatever sort, stop it right now! They are really killing our country’s reputation. It won’t take you far. Leave yahoo business alone and work with your hand. A time will come when no one will fall for your trap or charm again. The season of magga will soon end.

A new era is soon approaching when brain handwork does everything, how will you make it when idleness and indolent have been your second nature? You need to wake up, keep your eyes opened, and let your brain start brainstorming new workable ideas. What you need now is to learn how to earn when everything is yawned. Work and don’t lurk so that your future won’t be mocked!