Photo: Akinkitan Joel

By Akinkitan Joel

The year 2016 had been so multifaceted with diverse criticisms, challenges and circumstances. Many have suddenly become what they hadn’t expected. Different states with peculiar brouhaha. There is no city of refuge anywhere than in the old place it was situated. If you are looking for one, build one yourself. The only succour anyone can fall back to is those he had created before. Remember, the year will not halt even for a millisecond because of you, but rather, life goes on.

I can vividly remember what I told some set of youths sometime ago. I actually created an acronym for YEAR, YOUR EXPECTATIONS ARE REALIZED. That really encouraged them to revolution a listed all that they have been thinking. But I want to rephrase it as, YOUR EXPOSURES/EDUCATION AFFECT REASONING.
You might wonder why I put it that way. Eyes have seen, ears have heard, and tongues have wagged. What else do you want from each year? All the goodies you want to amass for yourself. Once again, your exposure affect your cogitation. You can’t be exposed to the right way of life and still think in a parochial manner, never! Every man is controlled by the forces within. You can’t be equipped with good and awesome thoughts and yet deliver worse ideas. Make this year an opportunity for deluxe outpouring.

There are things you must know right now. Resolution won’t take you any far. Your ” I will, must, mustn’t, won’t”, DOs and DONTs, have they ever fetched you desired results? You resolute at every inception of the year but break and forget them no sooner than you are confronted with little challenge. What you urgently need is revolution- the etch change! You can remain the man you were last year. Stop accumulating laws that will never take you anywhere. Start something that will progress your life.

Another thing you need is REALISATION. You must be able to measure the extent of your erstwhile pitfalls and their causes. You knew why you were unable to stuck to last year’s resolutions you made. Despite you have made effort to change your orientation but it did soon die off but this year’s can be different once you are able to fathom the depth of your depravities and inconsistencies. Realisation reassures and resurges your revolution.

This year, don’t only determine to be good to everybody in some future time, start now by being good to people around you.

Another thing is REVITALISATION . You need to accept the fact that challenges will create in you a champion spirit. Like I use to say, Be indefatigable in solution in indecipherable situation. You can be great if you stick to what will make you one.

I would have loved to continue enlightening you, but I better stop here today and continue at another time because an edifice is not built in one day just like a word is enough for a prudent heart.

One thing stands conspicuous, whether resolution or not, change begins when you are determined to give yourself into it. A happy year will be near if you’ll heed with your ears.