It is not enough that Rochas Okorocha has been making jest of pensioners in Imo State asking why they are still numerous when rumours making the rounds allude that they are dying.

Infact , Rochas is very angry that pensioners in Imo State are not dying enough inspite of his targeted maltreatment against them.

The refusal of the pensioners to die as often as Rochas and his government would desire has so infuriated His Imperial Majesty that he has deviced more devilish tactics to push them further to their grave.

Rochas Okorocha is not comfortable with the current mortality rate of the elderly in Imo State, especially the pensioners. Left for him,he would build and drive them off to Auschwitz.

Rochas Okorocha has become so heartless he forgot these are human beings. Fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. He does not know the intrinsic value of these educated ok folks within the society. He wants them dead.

That is why in the letter he is blackmailing and forcing them to sign their sweats away.
He wants them to sign away 60% of whatever they are being owed and to add salt to injury, he also want them to absolve the State Government of past,present and future liabilities.
I heard some even signed that trash because he told them that it is better to take the 40% while alive because they will die waiting for the 60%.

He has employed every known dark psychology to break an already broken people…..
Have you heard anything like this in all your life?

Is Imo State Government the property of the Okorocha family?

And this man is supposed to govern a State where we have a legislature. Yet the legislatures kept mum feigning busy on plates of Nkwobi and Hero Beer.

Members of the Imo State House of Assembly are bunch of disgrace to humanity. My father started his political career on the floors of that same chambers. He will be very uncomfortable with this news.

If you know any of them. Kindly tag them here so they know our appraisals of their characters.


Shame to the All Progressives Congress( APC).