Left: Florence Hungbo; Right: Oprah Winfrey

Fans, followers and friends have acclaimed CEO Of Bodex Group, Florence Bodunrin Hungbo, a TV Presenter, popularly called Bodex as the look alike of renowned American Celebrity, Oprah Gail Winfrey.

Oprah is a media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist which are coincidentally similar professional vocations of the Bodex founder and CEO.

Many people on social media and fans alike sent numerous messages and feedback on Monday, asserting that the renowned blogger and TV presenter is the younger but prettier version of Oprah.

SKYTREND NEWS met with her Monday evening after reading several comments from people who have said Bodex is the younger version of Oprah but prettier. Some of them added that both of them have the same eyes and nose and also have similar entrepreneurial skills and drive.

We ask her how she felt being described a look alike of Oprah? She replied, “Wow, its a big deal because Oprah is one of the most powerful women in the whole world today. It is a honour and privilege and I hope to walk slowly into her fame and power soon.”

Bodex added, “I have her energy of not giving up no matter the challenge and risk. I stand out by doing what people don’t do and she’s known for that too. She is also my role model”

Many who do know Bodex and have come across her will testify that she is a bold and outspoken lady who doesn’t relent in getting anything done, that will add value to her life.

Asked why she has made Oprah her role model, she chuckled, “She is because we both have powers to speak and influence a lot of people. Oprah is a TV presenter, and I do similar presentation with my Bodex TV. Oprah is down to earth and investigates whatever is the good and bad sides of people and issues, in order to help the public make informed opinions about them. Whenever Oprah is interested in meeting anyone she goes straight to the person and that is also what I’m also known for.”

Bodex added, “In my course of work and TV production, I have met and interviewed Governors, President, senators, celebrities and this has been made possible by my zeal and focus. Oprah is never ashamed to face anyone and so am I. We are both “one-woman army”. We always like to make our points known and validate them.”

Bodex is the MD/CEO OF Bodex Media Group which comprises of Bodex TV and her blog, She is also the MD of Bodex Beauty House which is into branding of shoes, and anything that has to do with lifestyle and beauty.

Added to this, she is a TV Presenter, Actress, Red Carpet, Blogger and a PR/Event consultant.

When asked what is her passion, she said, “I love to help humanity, I employ a number of youths in my organisation. Furthermore whenever possible, I give out valuables such as clothes, food and and similar goodies to those in need.”

Bodex also runs a program which is called Need To Know. The program aims at showcasing the process of achievement be it human or product. It enables people looking up to others for tutelage to have an idea what their role models have gone through in life and prepare them ahead if they intend to be like such role models.

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