Akinkitan Joel

By Akinkitan Joel

It is true that if you rush to eat your hot soup when you could have left it to become cold enough to be eaten, the food will be tasteless.

There is no point of rushing at something that could be later achieved without hiccups. Many people find it very difficult waiting for their turn. They rush at every available opportunity meant for some other people.

I little wonder when I hear people say they have lost huge amounts of money to an investment of treasures that was introduced to them. I also had lost a fortune. They have put their money in the mouth of someone who had trapped them into accepting an offer that could never work. If only, they had waited a little and read the terms and conditions, they would have averted it.

It is a cold day in hell to expect great things from lowly rated people or those who are coward to taking risks in life. Remember I captioned this writeup, Virtue of Patience, there is a kind of unspeakable and mysterious virtue as regard patience.

Patience is a personality on its own. You can’t have patience with common sense and still miss out from some basic opportunities. Do you know why people run into troubles? Because they are hasty and quick at taking ignoble decisions. They just conclude on a baseless issue.

The good news is yet that you can be a new person making jugmatic decisions. Thank God the year is still fresh. Change your orientation. Work for what you believe worth working for. If you have read my column in Timeless Timeline, you would have found out the meaning or rather say, acronyms for TIME. Treasured Instrument Measuring Expedience/Excellence/Encomium.

You can’t be patient and still loose in the end. Do you know what? People will think they are cheating on when they find you rather patient than struggling with them. It is true, you see things going as if you had never planned. But maybe another better one is waiting for you up there. These are just preparations to better ideas.

I beg you in this year, exercise little patience when you are confused or too happy to choose.
Let patience be your second being all through this year.
I conclude by giving you two of my favourite quotes;

“Life’s is a voice, you need to make your choice so that you can rejoice.”
“The stool of harvest is ancient;
The rule of investment is patient.”