The Lagos State Police Command has started investigation into the alleged torture and rape of a single mother of two, identified only as Ola, by a surveyor, Femi, on Destiny Estate, Abijo, Lekki.

Ola alleged that one Monday, who was working for the suspect, brutalised and subdued her, before Femi raped her.

Punch quoted a report from the Mirabel Centre of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, which confirmed that there was forceful penetration, Femi, when contacted by the Newspaper, said the sex was mutual.

He added that Closed Circuit Television recordings of the hotel where they copulated also showed that Ola only wanted to blackmail him for refusing to give her N2m.

But Ola in her statement, said she was lured into the hotel by Femi.

She explained that a woman she met at a shopping complex had tried to match-make her with Femi, but she turned him down.

She said, “In 2014, I went to the Ikota Shopping Complex to buy clothes from a woman called Mrs. Bashorun. The clothes were for my children who wanted to celebrate the end of session party.

“I became friends with the woman and later, she told me that someone saw me in her shop and was interested in me. When I met the person, he did not appeal to me. So, I turned him down.

“I lost my uncle around that period and invited Mrs. Bashorun. She gave me N100,000 and said it was from the man. I told her collecting the money did not mean I had accepted his advances, and she said no problem.”

Ola, who sold jewellery, said after the party, the woman started mounting pressure on her to date the suspect, adding that she stopped patronising her because of the pressure.

She explained that sometime in October 2016, she ran into Femi in the Petrocam, Sangotedo area of Ajah, after which they exchanged pleasantries.

She said, “He said I should forget about the past and that we could be friends with no strings attached. He gave my children N20,000 before leaving that day. We discussed about my business, which I told him wasn’t doing well because of recession. He proposed that if I could get buyers for his land, he would pay me commission on it.”

She said the suspect gained her trust and she felt free with him, adding that he always invited her to land meetings, but was always disappointed whenever she went with her children.

Ola said she later got a visa to America and informed the suspect so he could assist her in selling off her property as she planned to relocate abroad.

The victim said around 7.30pm on December 30, 2016, Femi called to tell her about a party going on in a hotel in the area.

She said, “He said there was someone interested in buying my car and the person attended the party. I sent him a text message that I would come.

“That day, I didn’t take my kids along because it was late. When I got there, there was no party going on. I parked my car and went to meet a lady at the reception. I asked her if there was a party going on at the hotel and she said no.

“I was driving out of the hotel when Femi called my line and said he was upstairs and that I should go back to the reception.

“While going upstairs, I suddenly saw a man behind me. He showed me a knife. He said if I didn’t cooperate, he would kill me and no one would know.

“He took me to a door and someone pulled me in and slapped me. He gave me a blow and turned on the light. I saw the person was Femi; he pushed me to the wall and almost strangled me.

“He called the man with the knife, Monday, to pull off my trousers and he did. He told him to go out and be on the watch. He dragged me to the centre of the room and the pressure from the strangulation made me to lose consciousness.”

She said she woke up to see the suspect, who had stripped naked, pouring water on her.

She said she reported the case to the police at the Ajiwe Police Station the following morning after she escaped from the hotel.

The victim said she also handed over to the police the evidence of the assault, including her torn panties.

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