Akinkitan Joel

By Akinkitan Joel

How will the world look like if you were not living in it?
Is that a good question? Yes, it’s. Before you get the world at large let’s come down to your level. We need to follow a chronological sequence. First , family.


I must confess that most of us don’t know the reasons and benefits of being in a family. Very many more of us are yet to establish that fact that without you in that family, what would have happened. Now, I want you to use this questionnaire as a template to know whether you are useful in your family or not. You must be able to answer all these questions positively.

How would the world look without me? How has been my family before and after I was born. What feat has my presence created in the family? How has my spiritual life affected my family? Has my presence brought peace? Am I the source of joy or agony to them? Has it been peaceful since my conception and inception into the family? Has there been any quarrel for my sake and what peace have I really brought to them?

Well, this one is like the previous. It is when there is peace joy comes in and happiness overtakes. Has there been any record of happiness in the family that I sourced.

Will there be joy and laughter? You need to ask yourself whether joy and laughter will remain if you are repudiated or something evil happened to you.
Will there be hope? Hope for the future comes from a child in the family. Am I the hope for the rise of those families?

You need to ask yourself:
am I reckoned with at all in my family? Here, you need to know whether your opinions are reckoned with. You have been giving ideas all this while, now you should be able to say and gratify yourself on that area. Have you been a troubleshooter or troublemaker. You need to know.

Am I the source of glory and praise? How many prizes have you won on behalf of your family or better still, what exceptional things have you done that fetch the entire family accolades.

Many more questions you need to ask yourself which are not even in this series. I trust in the shortest future, we may feature those pungent questions. Now that you have ask important questions about yourself in the family, you need to take a bold step further, though your aim is on the world, but you must still cover some areas before the world even knows you. You must have gain your family’s trust and reliance. Some non-negotiable things are indispensable and that is your family members’ reliance.

If you are going to to be a renowned doctor, it’s your family that will append and approve to the world that you were their health practitioner before you left for college and they are not even surprised to see you come out to be world problem solver.

Whatsoever things your hands finds to do, starting from your family, do it with all diligence, distinction, determination and trustworthiness. Don’t get your family out of the box. In fact, the family should be the first to know you as a problem solver.

… To be continued.