By Akinkitan Joel

There are only two types of lifestyles, the high and the mediocre. Life is best enjoyed when one has sacrificed to have it good. The earlier is not the better in this case. The later is always the consummation.

For my friends who are mathematicians, I appreciate you all. You are indeed great! But one thing stands out clear that you have left the essentials for the ephemerals.

Over the years while listening to men that matter, I have come to realize some certain formulas about life.
Someone once said that our lives are like the significant figures in mathematical calculation. We know it is in two parts; 0-4(zero to four) will automatically be round off back to zero while from 5-9(five to nine) will be rounded up to one and added to the number at the back.

What amazes me most is the fact that how mathematicians formulated this law. Many people are always guilty of this express fact.

When you check the lives of some people, you will find out that they are between zero and four. Why, they are not willing to give extras to what they are doing. They believe that no one should monitor their movements or modus operandi. This, in actual fact, is very wrong.

When you add value to your life, it will be rated higher than you can ever imagine.
When you interview our youths of today about what their future plans are after college, they’d give you lots of satirical prevarications or say fiddle-faddle. Probably they don’t understand what it takes to become a successful graduate.

For example, many will say, ” let me finish my project and final exam first”. Others will allude that it is in God’s hand to do whatever He wills with them. God is not an author of confusion! He plans His things before He embarks on them and this makes me wonder where many get their ideologies from.

When I read a booklet on 3D’s of Failure and 4 D’s of Success written by the renowned former university Don and dynamic preacher, W.F Kumuyi, I was mesmerised when I saw things that we neglect that contributes to our either failure or success. The first he mentioned was doubt.

Many students doubt their abilities very often when they see problems that seems greater than their present capabilities. It doesn’t matter, problems provide professionals and challenges create champions. Challenges will make you strong if you don’t give in.

The other D’s of failure are despair and discouragement which are very rampant among students and adults in present days. I will never dwell long enough among failures so that I’m not enticed to join them. Right now, I’m taking jet to the land of 4 D’s of Success. They are : Desire, Determination, Diligence, Decision. It is easier said than done, but when the inestimable virtues are present in one’s life, then, success becomes a common experience.

I’m giving everyone a challenge to check the status of their determinations, decisions, doggedness and desires and you can see how near you are to fail or succeed.

No matter the oppositions, hitches and temptations you are passing through, NEVER GIVE UP. Hold on to the inestimable values of life, never say ‘I give up’, just believe you can and will succeed.

If you give up today, posterity will not forgive you. Remain focused. I hope to hear your testimony.