There are lot to learn from the power of vision. It will interest you to that extent you can achieve if only you have good foresight.

There are many people out there, as I will always say, who have good dreams but blind vision. They only believe but lack the power to conceive and achieve.

I say again, there are many visionless people out there, you probably might be among them because you too are outside the vision box. Examine your life today and see how true it is with you.

There is only one way you can unlock the padlock–getting the right key to the door. What is the KEY? It’s simply : keep Educating Yourself. DOOR simply stands for : is Delve On Opportunities Randomly.

Take one opportunity at a time. Don’t be overzealous to combining different opportunities that will ruin and distract your commitment at a time.

Once again, get the right key for every door. Don’t experiment the theory of trial and error. Ensure the fact is faced.

Now, we are discussing on Unlocking the Power of Vision. To unlock means, to break open or gain entrance, passage to something.

What are we to unlock? We are go unlock the power. What power? The power of vision! That means that there is power in Vision.

Vision is the insight you possess. There is sight for the past, insight for the present and foresight(four-sights) for the future. You need these three sights to combat with the world. You must urgently unlock them if they have been lying dormant.

Another thing you need to know is that, you need to work with people that will help develop your vision- division. Not everybody will be interested in what you have or able to offer but you must diligently search out for those who are of like-minded.

This will take a longer time but I bet, it will definitely yield a good and profitable result at the end.

What can the power of vision do?
One, the power of vision is a guide that makes you provisions.

Two, it will keep you in motion to strategize all things you need to accomplish the big task.

Three, it will streamline your involvements in other people’s matters.

Four, it will help you conglomerate ideas and aspirations for the betterment of your future. To mention but few, the power of vision is inexhaustible.

As my mode of instruction, I’m accustomed like to giving acronyms. So, from my personal research and coinage, VISION stands for :

V- Visualise your goal.
I- Interpret your notion about the goal.
S- Strategies how best to accomplish that goal.
I- Make your goal interesting.
O- Order your goal and understand your role.
N- Navigate different ways to accomplish your goal

There is a great power in vision. Exhume that power today.

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