Since President Buhari left the shores of Nigeria for London to attend to his health issues, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has stepped up effortlessly to the plate.

He has since given us glimpses of the real deal for which Nigerians will eternally be grateful. He has proven himself to be familiar with the needs and challenges of this times and generation.

His synthetic prescriptions to Nigerians many malaise testify to the fact that he came prepared for the job. He has proven his weight in gold.

Prof. Osinbajo seems to be everywhere, presiding over meetings, coming up with new initiatives, engaging the opposition and the wider Nigerians in their numbers.

His visit to the Niger delta hotbed, whose abandonment by his Principal among other factors gave birth to the biting economic recession, is an obvious indication of his willingness to solve our economic recession.

His on spot fact finding visitation to the Lagos airport culminated in the revitalization of the facilities administrative managers.

There was a “need to ensure that facilities are working and that things are being run properly” he said in a statement which noted the need to fix lifts and faulty baggage carousels.

Whilst his boss President Buhari has presided over a government that have seen Nigeria’s economy nosedive since he came to power in May 2015, Osinbajo on the other hand has shown the way by tackling the ontological causatives of the economic recession which has seen the much weakened naira currency showing small, albeit encouraging signs of recovery after the central bank moved to ease some foreign exchange restrictions in the last few days.

The Naira has since strengthened to about 480 to the USD on the black market after hovering at 520 in recent weeks.

However, despite Osinbajo’s high visibility and apparent competence, he is limited as Acting President because of the peculiar Nigerian political realities. In Nigeria, powers are vested in the individual and not in the office they occupy.

Thus, the Acting President is in office but not in power. As a result, he would be restricted in his reach. In essence, he is not the executive President Nigerians voted for.

The Nigerian political landscape is marked by identity politics. The Acting President will always be put in check by Buhari’s inner circle.

As a result, we are not going to see much from Osinbajo apart from some symbolic movements and gestures. He would be acting under the shadows of his Principal and the cabal loyal to him.

Be that as it may, Nigerians will be glad for the fresh and impactful approach of Osinbajo. He has shown the way, purposeful leadership such that is uncommon in this trying times.

Every Nigerian can attest to benefiting from his many initiatives and symbolic actions. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Before long, President Buhari will return to base room his medical tour of London.

Perhaps he would let the good Prof continue his good works, perhaps not. Either way, Nigerians will be proud for the genius that is the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo.

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