General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleiman has been in the news recently. His travails started when he touched the proverbial tail of the poisonous snake.

He remains one of the men of God who have openly condemned the pogrom at Southern Kaduna and the dastardly activities of the rampaging Fulani herdsmen nationwide.

He made a statement in line with s.33 (2a) of the Nigerian Constitution as amended, which empowers every citizen to defend his life and property against any unlawful violence.

I wonder if those killed in Southern Kaduna had hands to defend themselves. Why should somebody fold his hands and wait for his assailant to unjustly take his life, even if his religion preaches peace?

What did the Chief security officer of Kaduna state who happens to be the governor do when the first citizen was killed in Southern Kaduna?

What did he do when the death toll rose to 5, 10,100 and later approached 1000? Catholic Church gave a mind-boggling figure concerning the Kaduna killings.

Recently, the news reported how all the soldiers guarding a particular section of Southern Kaduna went to refresh when attackers invaded a village and you want people like me to still believe that there is no voice of Jacob and hand of Esau in that arrangement?

Meanwhile, immediately Apostle Suleiman spoke against the pogrom targeted against the Christian community both in southern Kaduna and elsewhere, the first thing was the failed ‘abduction’ of the man of God in Ekiti state but thank God there was Governor Fayose who does not tolerate any nonsense.

Expectedly, Fayose came for his rescue ,thereafter Apostle Johnson Suleiman was invited to the DSS Office Abuja and for followers of political happenings in our country under this administration, Suleiman was supposed to be held in custody till DSS secured a court order to permanently keep him like Nnamdi Kanu, Sambo Dasuki and Ibrahim Zakzaky, the minority Shia muslim cleric, but when they saw the religion tension that would create ,Apostle Johnson Suleiman was released after some hours of interrogations at DSS headquarters.

In this administration, no charge against any opponent is complete without a treason charge. This is an administration that If your name does not contain Ibrahim, Mohammed et cetera forget any juicy appointment.

Will perceptive political and religious analysts be surprised with the recent allegation against Apostle Johnson Suleiman?

Since he could not be held permanently in custody over a statement he made against pogrom targeted against the Christian community, will his reputation be spared?

The next strategy now is for a lady to come from the blues with a spurious allegation against Apostle Johnson Suleiman aimed at tarnishing the image of the man of God the same way we were told that Nnamdi Kanu was caught in the hotel with a lady.

Unfortunately for the organisers of that allegation, the wife of the man of God who was supposed to be the first person to raise an eyebrow, has come out to defend her husband and still challenged the lady and her sponsors to release more ‘photoshopped’ pictures,assuring that such move would be counterproductive as she knows her husband of 19 years.

She went ahead to tell the world that she is a trained mass communicator who knows her onions in Photo-journalism. She knows the tricks in graphics. You can see that the organisers of the allegation have failed in their primary target.

It is now over to the Christian community and other perceptive minds to know where the sponsors of this allegation are coming from.

If the organisers of this allegation were professional, they would at least have waited for some time to pass before coming out with this spurious allegation.

It is like releasing some Chibok girls the same week Nigerians were polarised over the DSS invasion of our judges’ residences and giving the glory to DSS hence those against the raid on our judges by DSS were overwhelmed by the euphoria associated with the release of the few Chibok girls but what surprised me later was that any other release was ascribed to our soldiers and not the DSS .

That might be a coincidence anyway, but my late father always told us that some coincidences might not be coincidental.

The same coincidence is playing out again, few weeks after the attempt to either arrest Apostle Johnson Suleiman in a hotel in Ekiti or to permanently keep him in custody when invited to Abuja failed woefully, a girl from the blues is out to tarnish the image of this man of God with her photoshopped pictures with the help of her sponsors.

All perceptive minds should know where this is coming and the possible sponsors. Some discernible minds are asking when has Nigeria degenerated to a level where citizens don’t have right to freedom of speech, I always ask them to revisit the 1984 history of Nigeria where political opponents or those not liked by the military leaders were perpetually held in custody and any attempt to speak out against the government was termed a treasonable felony.

To me, under this administration, Nigeria of 1984 is the same as Nigeria of today, despite the 33 years difference.

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