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It is hard to lock oneself up in a physical prison as we want to have freedom of movement which is extremely restricted when people are placed in any kind of confinement from a baby’s crib to psychiatric hospitals and the penitentiary system. However it is extremely easy to throw away the key to the prison we create in our minds which then needs someone else to pick up that key and release us from self inflicted bondage.

Some of the posts and comments I have read on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) investigations into tip-offs by whistle-blowers leading to discoveries of stashed foreign and local currencies in obscene amounts and others ridiculing the investigation by Italian authorities and reporting by the foreign press of the Shell/Malabu scandal show many are living in a prison of their own making.

When a person believes that EFCC is pretending to find these stashes even though in one case the ‘owner’ ex NNPC, Andrew Yakubu actually admitted that the incredible amount — $9.8 million found hidden on one of his properties was kept there by him and others have been attached to named individuals while investigations to unearth those connected to the rest are ongoing, delusion is a word that fits such a state of mind. Being delusional is like living in a prison. An invisible one that has physical manifestations!

Extensive attempts to discredit clearly defined investigations reported on by the foreign press on how, while Goodluck Jonathan was president, the multinational oil company, SHELL paid out huge bribes (an established fact admitted to by SHELL executives) to Etete, a former petroleum minister during the Obasanjo administration and part of which allegedly ended up with the president Goodluck Jonathan and members of his administration are another symptom of people living in prisons they constructed for themselves. Sadly, they do not even realize this case is not developing from within Nigeria but through exposure within the SHELL cooperation! It goes beyond Nigeria and cannot be dismissed because some Nigerians think it is a smear campaign against Jonathan’s “rising international profile” as his statement of defense against this allegation claims.

Sadly, in cases such as these, unlike delusions brought on by trauma, disease or an altered mental state for whatever reason, this alternate reality is welcomed with open arms and those living in such prisons think they are free while everyone else is confined. Is that not sad? How do you help someone who does not think assistance is necessary?

Think about it. These people believe absurd, unproven accusations against anyone they oppose but refuse to accept what is documented on video, investigated to a conclusion and admitted to by the perpetrators just because someone they oppose — President Muhammadu Buhari (whom they willingly accuse of unsubstantiated PTF fraud they swear by. Do you notice the incongruity?) is the one under whose government these things are being exposed.

Like the ‘Wèrè’ (a Yoruba term for someone undergoing a psychotic break from reality) on the street living in his or her own world, it is a perfect scenario to them while most who see where they are at feel deep pity. Hopefully, like the Gadarene demoniac Jesus healed as recorded in the holy scriptures (Luke 8:26-39), they have moments of lucidity when their situation is real to them and on one of them, they find the help needed so the door to their self made prison is opened and they are set free from their delusions.

What makes the condition they are in worse is they or people close to them and us are suffering because of the few who stole so much, stashed it away while Nigeria’s infrastructure crumbled leading to the deaths of many from derelict hospitals, roads and other structures which would have held up had those funds been available. Maybe the pain of facing the reality that those they support committed so much evil is too much for their brains to bear, a protective mechanism — delusion or a refusal to accept reality set in.

Anyway, it is clear anyone in this kind of prison needs help getting out. If they allow that assistance to be offered is another thing though! ~ Lana 2017

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