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If the case of monies “found” by EFCC at the Ikoyi ‘safe house’ claimed by National Intelligence Agency (NIA) which was said to be ‘used’ for a “clandestine operation” is resolved by President Buhari simply asking it to be returned to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and we do not know anything more, then I will conclude this way:

Those monies do not belong to NIA!
PMB’s administration is engaged in a cover-up!
EFCC is handicapped!

Corruption is alive and well under PMB’s administration, more than we think!

In the event that we do get an explanation, it does not matter how well the government spins it, NIA having CASH in that amount and stored in an apartment like that is highly suspicious and cannot be explained away with the (ridiculous in my opinion) story of some authorised secret mission.

I have kept an open mind on this and other questionable situations involving this administration but I am not a simpleton regardless of what anyone thinks and if the government buries this with a series of “paperwork explanations,” that is it.

I will then know nothing really changed in that area.

There is no way I for one will be able to give the government the benefit of the doubt anymore in that case.

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