Wailers are wailing,
Looters are crying,
Magu is not listening
And ordinary Nigerians are laughing.

What have you buried?
How much have you carried,
At the deep of night,
Into your backyard and out of sight?

Who did you hire?
With whom did you conspire,
To squirrel away your loot?
This, is the moment of truth.

Why are you scared?
What have you just heard?
The sound of a whistle?
That pierces your heart like the bullet from a pistol

Who could it be,
That ratted to the EFCC?
Those Buhari bulldogs.
Tenacious anti-corruption thugs.

Could it be the Mai-guard?
The vendor selling Vanguard,
The housemaid?
Now you wish she were better paid.!

The office clerk?
Whom you denied an annual perk.
The wife?
No! she’s the love of your life,
Well she was, until you took a second wife.

You cower,
You shiver,
You reach for the phone,
Alas, your saviour in Aso Rock is long gone.

You pull strings,
You run around in rings.
Why aren’t these EFCC boys listening?
Is this not Nigeria? This cannot be happening?

Dollars, pounds, Euros,
Being carted out in wheel barrows.
You hang your head in sorrow.
Maybe it’s a nightmare and you will wake up tomorrow.

What’s with this change?
It’s so un-Nigerian, so strange.
You want a return to the carnage,
Of unremitting looting and of brigandage.

You console yourself,
As you reach for the drink on the shelf.
You know your people.
They are nothing if not fickle.

After Buhari,
They will not tarry
To return to the days of Yore,
Kickbacks and scamming galore.

That , you say,
Is the Nigerian way.
Corruption is here to stay.
Let Buhari and Magu have their day!

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