By Muyiwa Adeliyi

Why proxy the assent to the 2017 budget to a President that has already fulfilled Section 145? Please note that Buhari has also made VP Osinbajo the Acting President with full powers!

Is the Acting President not powerful enough under Section 145 to vet, review and sign the budget into law?

Folks the hawks in the corridor of power know what they are doing. They known if it’s PMB, he probably won’t read the budget. He will just ask the likes of Abba Kyari and his trusted kitchen cabinet a few questions and they know what answers to give him – knowing him inside out and what he wants to hear. Gbam!!!! He appends signature.

But with the Professor of Law, reading is not an issue for him. He would read every line, question the padding from the National Assembly and probably ask them to review and expunge a few things, thereby check mating the hawks and the vultures!

Hence, the hue and cry of ‘Mr President’ will sign the budget and pass it to the “Coordinator of Government Activities”……

The movie is just begining. I said it two weeks ago. Watch this space!!! Everyone will understand the true meaning of Coordinator!!!

You think Senator Bukola Saraki was stupid when he killed the motion for the re-wording of the letter with a wave of the hand?? He ain’t foolish folks!

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