LEAVE, ILLNESS, femi adesina

By John Okiyi Kalu

Please take note of any of your social media friends spreading the falsehood of President Buhari being poisoned.

That person is part of a plot to commit genocide against Ndigbo who actually have nothing to benefit from poisoning Buhari and do not even work with him at close quarters. No Igbo man is in the kitchen cabinet of Buhari.

Nobody poisoned President Buhari and his ill health is likely related to his age and he has been battling stoically to recover his full health even before he won the 2015 election.

It is my personal conclusion that there is an evil plot to hang his ill health on innocent Igbo people with a view to causing mayhem against them. Unfortunately some no good people with Igbo names are involved in spreading the dangerous poison story, because they think they are playing politics, without realizing the ramifications.

Call out anyone who post that President Buhari was poisoned and put the person on notice that you will hold him/her accountable if anything untoward happens to any Igbo person in the north.

I wish to call on the media team of the presidency to immediately issue a statement disowning the poisoning story. If they fail to do that, they are accomplices to any unsavory future event.

Wife of President Buhari and his family should also issue statements disowning that tale and as soon as the president can address the nation he owes Nigerians the duty of disowning the poison story.

Those guys pushing this sophisticated evil agenda actually have eyes on President Buhari’s job. They are angling to make the Igbo the fall guy if anything happens while removing attention from themselves and their group agenda.

As a Bona Fide Igbo man I can boldly state that no sane Igbo man wants Buhari dead. We want him to recover fully and return to his job. Everyday we pray for his quick recovery.

We have nothing to benefit from him dead and expect nothing much from him alive. Hopefully he will serve out his term of office.

There was no Al Jazeera publication or broadcast on poisoning of PMB. Someone concocted the story of poisoning and merely stated Al Jazeera as “source”. I have saved the link to the site for future references.

Ohaneze Ndigbo should proactively take up this poisoning rumor with the Federal Government. It is targeted at our people and a stitch in time saves nine.

-Voice from the wilderness of Nigeria has spoken

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  • Kehinde Femi

    Iyabo Yusuf wrote: I don’t know why people are just blowing Buhari’s health out of proportion. Age is not on his side. Also, he is a sickler. If not for His grace and mercy many ve gone. Am not a doctor but from what I learnt people with sickle cell ŕ bound to ve all this kind ailments. I ve an ANTY who is a carrier atimes she takes cancer drugs. If she takes the drugs the pain ll subside. Wen I asked her she told me as people are prone to cancer. She said the drugs also work for sickle cell. Ve witnessed it work for Her. Am not a doctor o.

  • Kehinde Femi

    Otunba Lanre wrote: Whenever he comes back… we will wait to stone him