Igbos are everywhere insulting people who they should be talking to.

And alleging hate at every resistance to “their” plans.

I don’t know why it feels so soothing to feel hated to the Igbo.

News Flash: South South people don’t see anything to hate in you.

The reason for your discontent in the Nigerian union is the same reason for South South scepticism.

When you take decisions, you take them amongst your Igbo selves.

When you talk on Radio Biafra, only you understand yourselves.

And you thought that peoples who should naturally feel alienated by your activities should not ask questions?

Then when the questions start coming, you allege hate, and threaten to found your Biafra on your own. When you threatened, did anyone plead with you to be included?

You are running away from the Nigerian situation.

Everyone else wants out of it.

The Nigerian situation is a problem because we are different peoples who were conscripted into one union without consultation by power hungry stakeholders who could not see far.

And you think you Igbos can correct YOUR own problem, while others should make do with what you’ve created?
Does it make sense to you?

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