A girl (bottom C) holds a placard during a protest called "Not in my name" of Italian muslims against terrorism, in downtown Milan, Italy, November 21, 2015. The placard read: "I say no to violence". REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo - RTX1V63U

For the record, I was born and raised in a muslim family. I converted to Christ based on personal convictions and my Yoruba Muslim family did not draw daggers out against me although some of my cousins didn’t have it so rosy on conversion.

Having said that, it’s clear that I have many muslim family members and some on this medium. Nonetheless, I do not support many tenents of Islam, one being that I should have been killed for daring to convert.

Again, I am eternally grateful to be from my family and Yoruba land where live and let live is practised.

If a majority part of my family members are muslims alongside friends, I cannot hate Muslims neither can I discriminate against them in day to day life. That will be senseless.

However, I still maintain that islamic extremism and terrorism are very much in sync. It may be argued that it is the interpretation of the koran by sects such as Wahabbis but nonetheless, these people are muslims who wish to kill christians, Jews and fellow muslims who don’t subscribe to their ideology.

This brings me to Mr Trump. His approach in addressing extremism and terrorism is not only shallow but crass. 95% of attacks in the west are carried out by homegrown, indoctrinated citizens rather than by migrants. His approach is saying to cast aspersions on all Muslims irrespective of their leanings.

Even as a muslim years back, I remember how we were warned of the Ahmadiya sect yet we were all Muslims.

Muslims who don’t believe in terrorism, killing to get virgins in al-janah need to stop being sympathetic to the causes of these people. They are blood thirty and believe that they are doing the almighty a great service.

Nothing could be farther from the truth but we know that God will deliver us from all evil as the Lord Jesus asked us to pray.

God bless us all but any religion that proclaims death as the price for conversion is clearly not of peace.

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