Nigeria, nepotism

Was it not why some of us gave up quite early on President Buhari as soon as we saw the make up of his cabinet?

Knowing quite well that unbridled nepotism leads to unimaginable failure?

The stark failures of this government is a ready case study on how “Man know man” appointments destroys governance.


Has the Acting President Osinbajo been any different?

Has he not also shown beyond reasonable doubt that he too has same nepotistic trait in his DNA?

Or that his choices in all the appointments he has announced or seem to have infleunced were direct responses to the shameful exhibition of same by his boss. A sort of “do me I do you ” squabble. And Nigeria suffers for it.

And are we not all conveniently keeping quiet and looking the other way as if everything is ok?

Please do not remind me of John and Robert Kennedy, or the Milliband brothers. I know those cases too well.

But how come those who were very vocal against the Dauranisation of the FG few months ago, seem inured to the present ugly development? They’ve all lost their voices. This is Nigeria for you.

From independence in 1960 till date. Nigeria has never had the misfortune of being governed by men whose ethno-religious narrow mindedness takes precedence in virtually every aspect of governance.

And you are conveniently keeping quiet because one way or another you think the shenanigans either favours some from your ethnic stock, religious inclination, or few of your friends.

You see my friend, power is so transient. It was just like yesterday when I was calling for restructuring and some of those opposing me were Jonathanians. But as soon as they found themselves out of power, they have joined us in the restructuring campaign. You’ll soon knock on our door.

All the ACN supporters in APC who have deliberately forgot that restructuring was part of their manifesto will regain their voices as soon as they stop chopping.

I know it is bad habit in this part of the world to talk while eating. Elsewhere, families trash serious issues at the dinning table.

But when you vehemently attack and condemn those young men and women who call for secession from this contraption, do note that the inequity, corruption, and unfairness you support or refuse to condemn is fuelling such calls. Nothing operates in a vacuum. And everything is linked to everything.

You can’t support brazen nepotism that seem designed to keep many out and in the same breadth accuse them of unpatriotism. Patriotism to whose benefit?

I want you to know that we are all productive contributors to the Nigerian problem and we are effectively contributing to its underdevelopment. Stop looking behind your shoulders at the other man, look into the mirror.

Have a great week.

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