We have to put the facts straight once and for all that, there is marginalisation in Nigeria, but it is oversimplifying it if a tribe is feeling marginalised; in fact, it is fraudulent.

The political class across the ethnic divides marginalise the ruled, that is a form of marginalisation I can discern and which a blind man could see.

Has PMB reduced the allocations due to the Southeastern States since his presidency debuted some two years ago? Does he pay others early and withhold the funds due to the Southeastern States?Are there not several projects and constructions going on across the whole region?

Just yesterday under GEJ, the Southeastern politicians got the juiciest of offices, and there were no cries of marginalisation.

The lots of the poor folks in Ebonyi never got better, even with Anyim’s Secretaryship to the FGN neither did a poverty-stricken vulcaniser have any respite from financial inadequacies in Enugu with Emeremadu’s DSP.

But if the odious claim is that the elites from the South East wish to continue to appropriate the political offices to themselves, those days are gone for good, especially not under this government they turned their backs on.

They do not care what the little revenues that accrue to their states go for; they do not even bother how to increase these revenues and bring their political leadership to accountability.

The poor man in Ekiti suffers as many indignities as the poor man in Onitsha or Katsina, poverty does not recognise tribe or religion.

True federalism, I submit is the exit route from this perennial, even sometimes dishonest mantra of persecution, even when history teaches us that the very people who cry themselves so hoarse were the souls who had destroyed our federalism.

I feel it is high time we moved on as the country and its people would resist this blackmail that is rooted in crookery, henceforth.

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