I lined up and cast my first vote as a Nigerian. I was excited to be part of history. I voted SDP.

I had always had a fascination for MKO Abiola. I had the opportunity of meeting him twice previously. He was a charming personality.

He hosted a sports dinner in Metropolitan Hotel Calabar and I served as emergency DJ. You know how generous he was. My father loved him as well. So it was MKO.
Then the annulment came.

We were shocked. We were sad. We then became angry. They told us so many lies and why the elections were annulled. They said Soldiers did not want him. Abiola won in all but two barracks.

They said the North did not want him. He won in all but three northern states. They said the govt owed him money. We said we did not care. And truly we did not. His manifesto “Farewell to Poverty” remains a document that many should read.

At the end Abacha the devious one took over. He had outfoxed the politicians. Like the “prostitutes” they are, they jumped on the bandwagon. June 12 was a watershed they told us. I had to check the meaning of the word from the context in a dictionary then.

Then Abiola was arrested after the Ipetedo declaration. Assassinations, state sponsored killing was unleashed on the society. Our polity changed forever.

They stood by June 12, on June 12, under June 12, against June 12. Some are millionaires now. Godfathers. Some are poor. Destinies changed.

Abiola is yet to be properly honoured. GEJ announced a honour for him. The students said they did not want a University named Moshood. I learnt a lesson from that, Nigeria and Nigerians are not worth dying for.

The politicians know this. So it is them and their families only. Why not?
Abiola was a large man. June 12 was a defining moment. We voted a “Muslim-Moslem” ticket. God might have been kind to Abiola with death. Who knows?

I have to always celebrate June 12. It is also my mom’s birthday. Another great person. On June 12, I dance and reflect.

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