BIAFRAN, ipob, terrorist organization

With regards to agitation for Biafra ONLY. I seem to understand why Northerners are against Igbos or South-east region in the context of usual Nigerian politics.

Can someone please help me understand why other tribes or regions in Nigeria are angry with Igbos regarding Biafra agitation ONLY.

Is there really anyone, especially the youths, from the other regions that is happy with how Nigeria is today?

Is there anyone of you that is happy that restructuring Nigeria is becoming or has become a history again after all the excitement we all shared together that we finally were moving in the right direction with National Conference under Jonathan?

Didn’t we all rejoice together that perhaps there was going to be a Nigeria where healthy competition, innovation, entrepreneurship, citizenship equality, fairness, and economic growth would prevail for the good of all?

What happened to all those and how do you feel?

Didn’t we all see the bitter differing opinions that existed and lingered among Igbos with regards to splitting Nigeria (Biafra agitation)? Let’s not pretend that we do not know why those voices against Biafra agitation from within Igbos and people of south-east have gone mute now please.

Is it not obvious that the current smoke that is including almost everyone is because of the fire burning at the center?

These are just questions to help me shape my decision about this whole thing as perhaps one of few undecided Igbos.

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