I have not heard the audio clip of President Buhari’s recent address to “Nigerians” on BBC Hausa where one expects the language of communication to be Hausa and so cannot use it to try and figure out how strong he is at the moment.

Was that message meant for ALL Nigerians — all Nigerian Muslims, just those who speak Hausa?

Even at that, it was not a smart idea at all! I have read a transcription of it though and it was a message which could easily be meant for all Nigerians during this Muslim holiday season.

Many are in uproar over this step taken by the presidency to release it with Buhari speaking Hausa and I do not blame them. I have questions about the decision myself. Ordinarily, this would not be an issue but, it is and should be!

Choosing to use that medium — BBC Hausa, knowing it was going to be the Hausa language used to communicate in sending a message to Nigeria for the first time since the president left the country for medical treatment is a miscalculation which should have been seen a mile away!

It is very poor management of his image and deserves the derision greeting the ill advised step.

If indeed the release was meant to allay fears that Buhari is losing his voice as was claimed by some or to show proof he is still alive, contrary to claims by a former British MP who in my opinion is being used by some to bring attention to the dysfunction of the Nigerian state over this episode, it is even more foolish!

We know regardless of how secretive Aso Rock had been about the status of his health, President Buhari is seriously ill. Who thinks an audio clip of him speaking will douse concerns about this?

The only change that will end speculation concerning the condition of his health is Mr President resuming his duties EFFECTIVELY.

Anything short of that will only lead to more speculation. I wonder whose bright idea this was?

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