The Issue Between Oluwo and Chief Ogundokun needs an intervention in order to retain our relative peace and salvage our cultural heritage.

Issue between Cheif Abiola Ogundokun and H.I.M Oba Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu I, is affecting us, the proud citizens of Iwoland in diaspora more than those at home.

The damages the faceoff between His Imperial Majesty Oba Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi and Chief Abiola Ogundokun has caused, and still causing, is becoming too absurd and horrific. It is very disgraceful to us and the much cherished institution of Iwoland and its heritage. If not us all, I’m personally concerned.

The people of Iwoland should not keep calm nor play a blind on this matter. We all need to come up with a lasting solution and broker peace between the two icons.

Proud people of Iwoland especially us, the youths, have key roles to play. And if we fail to act now, we may likely surfer the consequences of their misunderstanding at a very long run. We may not be directly affected but the insults and disgrace from the misunderstanding between them shall keep staining our cherished culture and its memories.

The media blackmailing and insults on both the king and the chief need to stop. We must be reminded that all the insults are not on the Oluwo or the chief alone, but on the entirety of Iwoland.

The position to take now should not be to apportion blame to any party, and the need to salvage the élan of the royal stool in stopping the ongoing war is not about who is presently on the throne, it is about the image of our heritage that is been gradually dragged into the mud. And that is my utmost concern.

Let’s understand the threats involved and the reality that the issue is getting out of hand and becoming unbearable. We must all act. And act now.

The blackmail and the action that reinforces the reaction known as orónbóró (evil brings evil) between the parties should be addressed. The unfairness that is the videotaping and public sharing of such temperamental curses from the palace and the media interview that spite and slight HIM Oluwo MUST BE STOPPED. The office of media and communication to the Palace of Oluwo needs to be cautioned and guided and the media aides and proceedings in tainting Oluwo’s image need to be stopped. They are not ideal, in fact, not done anywhere by Traditional Ruler, Paramount Oba or a worthy chief of any town.

We should not forget that the world is watching. If we believe we should let this continue then, we are doing ourselves more damages than we think.

The duo should not forget the adage that says ‘èbúú àlo n t’alábahun, tàbọ̀ n t’àna rẹ̀’.

Oluwo needs to be more courteous and seek for peaceful coexistence among his subjects just has chief Ogundokun needs to caution himself. Both should act regal for their importance and their experiences in royal institutions. Modesty and all cultural display of maturity and humility is to be implored in their ways of life and in managing everyone regardless their feelings at any time.

More importantly, Oba is a father of all. And if a child misbehaved to his father, cutting-off such child’s head isn’t the solution.

It is high-time all the concerned authorities waged into this matter. I will humbly call on; all Iwo Traditional and Honorary Chiefs, all Princes, Iwo Board of Trustee (IBOT), Progressive Union (IPU), Iwo Traditional Council and Oluwo in Council to please intensify more serious and honest efforts into resolving this. Our stake holders; Prof Ladipo, Otunba Bayo Aremu, Asiwaju Gbadegesin, Alh Liad Tella, Alh Moshood Adeoti, Alhaji (Hon) Toogun, Alh Fatai Akinbade, Chief Sulaiman Bello, Alh (Dr) Bayo Lasisi, and co. It is more than urgent for their needs to look into this issue and come up with a lasting solution.

We are tired and sick of reading and hearing negative report about Iwo.

Let’s not forget that where the two elephants fight; the grasses in that area may surfer the consequences.

Iwo oni Baje o.

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