A female Federal Road Safety Official was caught on camera struggling for the control of a moving car with a driver on Wednesday.

From the comments, the incident appeared to have occurred in Abuja.

The video which has been shared more than 7000 times on Facebook shows the female road safety officer stretching from the back seat of a moving vehicle and wrestling to take control of the gear lever from the driver.

The driver tells his front seat passenger not to fight with the officer even though she appears to be very livid.

The driver could also be heard telling the officer she has damaged a part of the car. The front seat passenger who also appears to be the cameraman cautions the officer that her action was posing a danger on the road and is unbecoming of a safety officer, but the caution falls on deaf ears.

“You are a disgrace to forcehood (sic),” the cameraman identified as @kaycee Henry said.

“What of you, what of you,” the female officer retorted.

The 1.21 video footage ends when a male road safety officer alighted from one of the corps’ vans and breaks the front passenger side window of the vehicle.

Commentators on the video which was posted on Ndi Anambra’s Facebook page were quick to support the driver and chastise the angry officers, while others think it was wrong for the driver to have continued driving after he was asked to stop.

A commentator, Lola Adeniyi-Ajekigbe said: “This should be in Abuja. I know KCee very well. He’s not a troublesome person.

You need to know how these FRSC officers behave at times. I had an experience with one on a Sunday because my passenger beside me didn’t belt up. I begged this boy but he still charged me to go pay 1,500 at the bank.

I paid the money sha. But it pained me because I try to avoid anything that brings me and any law enforcement agent in contact.

Anyway my passenger messed me up. I would have been pardoned but the boy just looked at me as a woman. The best thing is to avoid them. They get angry especially when you don’t offer them anything. It is well.”

Another commentator, Ola Oluseyi, in support of the officers said, “This is rubbish, the video is an exhibit against them, this is a lawlessness situation. Were they taking her to an unknown destination.”

When contacted, the Corps’ Safety Education Officer, Mr. Bisi Kazeem, while reacting to the video said an investigation is being carried out on it.

See video:

FRSC officer wrestle control of moving car with driver

FRSC officer wrestle control of moving car with driver

Posted by The Punch Newspapers on Thursday, July 13, 2017

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