Ooni has collected dollars from Buhari, that’s why he cannot speak up — Igboho

community activist

Ooni has collected dollars from Buhari, that’s why he cannot speak up — Igboho

Yoruba community activist, Sunday Igboho whose real names is Sunday Adeyemi says Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife has collected dollars from President Mohammadu Buhari and a result he cannot speak up against the crisis of killer herdsmen rocking the South West.

The right activist made the claim in a virtual town hall meeting with “Yoruba in Diapora” which held on Wednesday morning.

Hear him:

“Ooni should be able to tell Buhari about what Yoruba want. But he has collected dollars from Buhari. He called me but I don’t want to see him. Only Alaafin is supporting us and he has written a letter to the president. Ooni disappointed me. Politicians are with him,” he added.

The youth leader also criticised Abdulrasheed Akanbi, the Oluwo f Iwo, for calling himself an Emir. He said some Yoruba leaders have turned themselves into slaves of the ethnic tribe that oppresses their people because of money.

“The Oluwo will wear turban and start calling himself an Emir, our people should call him and tell him to stop what he is doing. Our leaders are lazy and slaves to Fulanis. They visit Abuja to collect money, we will attack them and destroy their property. Ooni should be dealt with. I am annoyed. Why should we be afraid of the crown they (Yoruba monarchs)wear?

“Tinubu and other Yoruba politicians are Fulani slaves. We need not be afraid. I have not collected any money from anyone. I am a full Yoruba man and I will not allow Fulani people to enslave me, we do not look or behave alike in any way. The herders should go. Makinde is also a slave to the herders because of second term ambition,” Igboho said.

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  1. Maybe the guy wants to be picked up. Recall that if nnamdi kanu had not been arrested and incarcerated by this government for many months, he won’t be as popular as he is today. From the experience of messing up big time, I don’t think this government wants another Yoruba nnamdi kanu on their hands. If he’s arrested, don’t you think people will ask the government why it has not arrested the fulani kidnappers and rapists and robbers? May you or your family members never experience the fulani terror my broda.

  2. Precisely…!

    Gani Adams,around October last year,was trying to advise him on why an activist must be cautious in picking battles here and there…that was after he was deriding some elders in Yorubaland…

    Gani Adams told him then,that these elders might not have an army of boys like he does,but the people they know and the places they can enter,really matters in a struggle like this.

    Ooni has been known as a man of peace and a bridge builder,apart from being well connected tru out the world…so,I don’t see how any well brought up Yoruba man would be picking a figth with such a person.

    Well,itis well!



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