Ebonyi International airport set to drive Southeast economic renaissance


As Ebonyi International Airport promises to brace the triangular air business equilibrium in Nigeria.

It has been a testimony everywhere that the Governor of Ebonyi State His Excellency Engr Chief David Nweze Umahi FNSE FNATE (Akubaraoha) is an effective generational leader who is divinely decorated with great leadership abilities to proactively invest vision and values into the future of Ebonyi State and whose performance impact will serve as a model for generations and leadership compendium for prosterity

Governor Umahi, who leads in the present thinking about the future, has among the various life -changing projects conceptualized and bankrolled the construction of International Airport that will be a money spinner in the economic development agenda of his administration.
While some political sadists wished the airport project did not start at all, some others thought that by spreading fake news against the performing Governor or about the status or integrity of his project, they could diminish the rising leadership stardom of the Governor.

A look at the update of the construction work at the International Airport shows that Governor Umahi is in the verge of delivering one of the Africa’s choicest International Airports for use by travellers and investors accross the world. A notable personality in the National Assembly was once quoted to have wondered ” why Ebonyi State must have International Airport when there’s one in Enugu” Such a question depicts a visionless and futureless brain, glorified in the euphoria of law making without ideas.

It is very commonsensical to hold that a State with the most formidable airport facilities is bound to command traffic in air business Ebonyi International Airport doesn’t not only have the longest tarmack in Nigeria, it also has a tarmack built with concrete pavement of 14 inches thickness. It is the fastest developing airport project you can think of anywhere in Africa with various degrees of progress in the construction of:
Terminal Building,
Apron Unit ( both local and international),
Runway Unit,Fire Bay,
Tower Control Unit which is nine floors,
Police Building,
Immigration Building,
Presidential Lounge, Car Park, Gate House,
Generator House


Who says Ebonyi State cannot contend with the tripod of national air business when it has the smoothest and strongest network of road after Abuja and Lagos. If you doubt ask regular road users.

Who says Ebonyi State cannot be the attraction of air travellers when the entire State is connected by enduring road infrastructure including wonderful round about and water fountains in strategic junctions, beautiful flyovers of not less than 13 number which usher travellers in and out of Ebonyi State; when a beautiful environment has been created and when Ebubeagu and conventional security outfits are working day and night to enhance the security of the State; when Ebonyi State enjoys 12 hours street light non-stop; when the State has the biggest shopping mall in Africa, medical institutions, recreational facilities, food security etc.

By this time next year the beautiful Ebonyi State shall kiss you welcome to a classic International Airport built by the grand commander of transformation.

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