Five ways technology can ease stress of back-to-school rush


‘Detty December’ is over and students, teachers and parents alike are all trying to get through the mad rush of ‘back to school’ and get back into the swing of things.

Parents, who are just settling back to work after the restful holiday, face multiple tasks such as beating morning traffic to get their children to school on time and making sure daily school supplies are lined up and ready to use.

There is also taking time out of their busy schedules to help their kids with homework among other things.

For parents trying to ease their ‘back to school’ stress, here are five ways that technology can help:

  • Set reminders with Google Assistant

Setting reminders is a smart way to remember all the things that are important for school, from lunches to school events.

You can easily create reminders with the help of Google Assistant. Using your mobile device or phone, simply say, “Hey Google, set a reminder”, or “Hey Google, remind me to dry clean my children’s uniform at noon tomorrow.”

Google Assistant will go on to set a reminder and send you a notification when it is close to the time.

  • Beat the traffic with Google Maps

You can get real-time information about traffic jams and delays using Google Maps, helping to plan better routes for school runs.

Parents preparing to take their children to school every morning can make use of Google Maps to check for alternative routes and the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to ensure they get to school before the bell rings.

  • Complete homework with Google Search

Not all parents are subject matter experts but they do often have to play the role of designated tutor or help out with homework.

In some cases, parents have forgotten how to solve simple math problems or they may not have the answers to some basic science questions.

quick search on Google can help find solutions to difficult questions.

Parents should however allow their children to generate the answers to their homework questions before searching Google for the answer.

  • Watch video tutorials on YouTube

YouTube is great for watching explanatory videos that are fun, informative, and educational.

For example, parents can watch videos that reveal how to solve a quadratic equation and brush up their knowledge to help their children with their homework.

There are also a variety of educational videos for children that can help parents tutor children who wish to learn more beyond their school work.

  • Keep kids safe with Family Link

Children today spend more time online than ever before. As such, it is important to help them develop healthy online habits and make sure they are protected from ills such as online predators and cyberbullies.

Family Link allows parents to set digital rules to help guide their children as they learn and explore online.

The app helps children make good decisions about what they do on their devices and even shows teacher-recommended apps that can be added to their devices.

It can be overwhelming for parents to balance their own professional endeavours with the demands of their children’s rigorous education but technology can sometimes help to lighten the load.

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