Emeka Okoye narrates how high BP nearly claimed his life


Emeka Okoye, the Nigerian actor and movie producer, has narrated how unchecked high blood pressure would have killed him.

The Nollywood star was reacting to the death of David Osagie, the colleague actor who died after leaving a film set.

Okoye said he once overworked himself so much that his colleagues made him check his BP, which turned out to be high.

The actor also urged his colleagues to pay closer attention to their health while undergoing the stress of acting.

“Not Again Death. Why Mr. David Osagie. This is an eye-opener for me and for all Actors to take care of and monitor their blood pressure and body n general,” the actor wrote.

“I remember early this year, I would have been an old story, if not for my Good colleagues, friends who had to force me to go check my BP which was over when checked. I had to take bed rest for a while.

“Our acting work demands so much from our bodies. The gesticulations we make while acting is energy loose from the body. Biko if we work too much, make we still find time to rest small. Biko.

“I know it’s not easy for us all. But it is Good to be alive and celebrate life than to be gone and forgotten as others have been. Rest in peace, sir. Nollywood mourns.”