Spacefinish Partners With A Global Company To Help African Businesses Adapt To Hybrid Work


The way we live and work has transformed since the COVID-19 pandemic and even as activities may have gained normalcy, its effects are still evident. On a global scale, how people view the role of their workplaces post-pandemic has influenced the way productivity is achieved.

Spacefinish, an African company with vast experience providing future work solutions to both local and global businesses has taken a more inherent look at how the work environment can either empower employees to stay productive or further churn results.

Spacefinish Partners With A Global Company To Help African Businesses Adapt To Hybrid Work

Spacefinish partners with Steelcase, an American fortune 500 company and the leading manufacturer of furniture for offices globally on a discovery exercise that explicitly showcased how the global impact of workplace disruption also affects African businesses.

This partnership will allow Spacefinish to implement world-class hybrid work solutions like improved furniture solutions, shared protocols, green life, and art installations within the workplace that brings people together, foster community, team building, and employee productivity, and strengthens businesses’ overall brand culture.

This discovery exercise on hybrid work carried out by the Spacefinish and Steelcase team reveals that 66% of individuals want to work in the office for a majority of the month, while 34% of individuals want to continue working from home.

According to the discovery exercise, factors in the workplace that play a pivotal role in reshaping a company’s brand culture and workforce retention included workplace flexibility, community, productivity, growth, talent attraction and retention, safety, inspiration, environmental stewardship, and technology, to mention a few.

Source: Nairametrics