Top 20 Loan Apps In Nigeria for Instant Approval

Top 20 Best Online Loan Apps In Nigeria for Digital Lending (2022)
Top 20 Best Online Loan Apps In Nigeria for Digital Lending (2022)

What are the top 20 loan apps in Nigeria that can guarantee loan in minutes, instant superfast approval and immediate disbursement in 2022/2023?

Nigeria is fast becoming one of the leading FINTEC countries where digital lending and online business is taking place at a fast rate. And the need for quick loan to meet urgent personal, family and business need has become important.

This article will address the top 20 loan apps in Nigeria for quick lending services and highest loan amounts. It will also analyze what each lending platform is best known for and why they are the top 20 picks in 2022 and 2023.

These top 20 loan platforms and lending apps have zero physical documentation, most do not require ATM Card inputting, and no need of collateral. Furthermore the loan can be applied for 100% online just using your mobile phone. By visiting the official website of the lender or downloading their apps either from Google Play Store or app store, you will be able to apply for instant cash. You will have to enter your personal and income details for loan processing. After entering basic details such as address, BVN, NIN, bank details, photograph, etc., and uploading the valid documents, your loan will be approved or rejected.

Top 20 Loan Apps In Nigeria for 2022/2023 For Superfast Approval, Instant Lending And Immediate Disbursement

The following are the top 20 loan apps in Nigeria: Branch loan app, Carbon Loan App, FairMoney Loan App, Aella Loan App, Umba Loan App, QuickCheck loan App, Renmoney Loan App, Alat by Wema, Lendigo and others.

Typical features that accompany most of the top 20 lending apps include quick registration process, quick verification, no collateral, documentation or guarantee required. However you may have to put up with their higher interest rates and lower tenure usually within 1 to 12 months. Please do note that we discourage customers from patronizing loan sharks, and
fake loan apps many of them characterised with 7 days loan tenure, very high interest rates and illegal fees payment before application is considered.

Find below the finest and best loan applications in Nigeria, which may make the process of getting a personal loan a lot easier and more convenient.


Top 20 Loan App in Nigeria

Best For

Loan Amount

No. of Downloads

1 Branch Loan App Low Interest Up To N500,000 10 Million
2 Carbon Loan App  Building Credit Score Up To N1million 1 Million
3 FairMoney Loan App  Highest Loan Tenure Up To N1million 5 Million
4 Aella Credit Loan App Easy Loan Processing Up To N1million 1 Million
5 Umba Loan App Low Interest and Zero Charges Up To N30,000 1 Million
6 Renmoney Loan App  Microfinance Bank Loan Up To N6million 500,000
7 QuickCheck Loan App  Customer Data Privacy Up To N500,000 1 Million
8 Alat By Wema Loan App  Salary Earners Up To N2million 1 Million
9 Lendigo Loan App Small Business Loans Up To N10million 100,000
10 Quick Credit Loan App Good Customer Service Up To N50,000 500,000

Comprehensive list of Top 20 Best Loan Apps In Nigeria for 2022 (And What Each of Them Are Best For!)

 Below is the list of the Top 20 Loan Apps In Nigeria for 2022 (And What Each of Them Are Best For!).