23-year-old Man Arrested For Impersonating IK Ogbonna, Duping US Lady


A 23-year-old man identified as Kelvin Enofe has been arrested by the police for allegedly impersonating IK Ogbonna, the actor.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Ogbonna warned the public to be wary of people using his identity to defraud women.

He cited the case of Enofe, who allegedly duped an American woman of $70,000.

He also say the suspect has been arrested and is being tried at the Igbosere magistrate court in Lagos state.

23-year-old Man Arrested For Impersonating IK Ogbonna, Duping US Lady

“This is to inform the general public once again to be wary of all those who are using my name and image on social media to defraud unsuspecting innocent women in love relationship scam,” he said.

“One of such is the recent case of one Kelvin Enofe, a 23 years old boy who duped an American woman of over 70 thousand US dollars, but as God would have it, some private investigators came to the rescue of the lady by revealing the true identity of Kelvin Enofe.

“Consequent upon the said investigation, the Nigerian police went for Kelvin Enofe’s arrest, investigated the matter, and he is currently standing trial at the Igbosere Magistrate Court in Lagos Nigeria.”

The actor added that there are more people impersonating him.

He emphasised that he would “never ask for monetary favours online”.

“I do this today again to let the general public know that there are a lot more other persons claiming to be IK Ogbonna on the Internet,” Ogbonna wrote.

“I will never ask for monetary favour from anyone on the Internet and if you see such on social media, please report such person or persons to me on my verified social media handle.

“Great job from Spaurell Private Investigators Ltd and the Nig police.”