Adamu Garba proposes change of name for ‘Nigeria’


Presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba, has asked that ‘Nigeria’ as a country should change her name.

He took to his Twitter page to raise his concerns on the name change.

He said: ”How about we rebrand this country, properly federalize it and rename it to “The Nigritian Federation” or simply NIGRITIA.

“Afterall, Nigritia is our ancient name before Lady Lugard renamed it Nigeria.

“This is part of our blueprint” Insha Allah, our govt will propose this to NASS.

“It is high time to clean ourselves from negative stereotypes, reorganize ourselves and reclaim our country away from our colonial identities and divisions to our own definitions of unity, integration, tolerance and cohesion.

He added: “If Ghana can change its name from the Colonial Gold Coast, Kenya from British East Africa, Benin from Dahomey, Togo from Togoland, etc, why would Nigeria maintain a colonially-induced name?

“We should rename this country back to its pre-colonial NIGRITIA.“Identity is everything,” Garba said.

“This is our country, we shall make it great insha Allah,” he added.