Between Under Age Voting And Ballot Stuffing, Northern Evil And Southern Demon By, Crescent Adebayo

under age voting

Unknown to many like me, the long hours, sometimes days of standing under scotching sun to obtain voter’s card was an exercise in futility, while we hope to undo the political rascality prevailing our national life led by Chief Obasanjo. The biggest puzzle of all time is how this man kept polluting our national public space and go away with it, even having club of clappers amongst the supposed intelligentsia. Well, some of us take a distance from their amnesia. So the presidential election day came, I was particularly interested in this election, partly as a protest vote against Chief Obasanjo and his third term co travelers, but chiefly to enthrone General Muhammadu Buhari, a man with impeccable character and high integrity. So we queued as the election guidelines stipulated, you’re accredited and at the same time given ballot paper to vote, that was the modus operandi. Unhindered, we all voted but unknown to many who as expected departed home immediately after voting was that hundreds of unused ballot papers were massively thumb printed and stuffed in the ballot boxes, since the registered voters decided to absent themselves politicians helped them to thumbprint their ballots. So Buhari and other opposition candidates with scanty or in most cases no party agents present were rigged out predominantly in the south. Back to the local politics, the biggest of all happened, at least we were freely allowed to vote for candidate of our choice during the presidential contest, save that they manipulated the outcome in their candidate’s favour. Like, the previous election we queued and waited for hours for INEC officials to come, the venue was Urhobo College polling station, the crowd was like a carnival, the ethnic warriors were more than excited about the prospect of voting their ethnic man into power. In the end with great anguish and disappointment neither INEC officials nor security agents assigned to the polling station came, but the following morning the non-election results for Urhobo College and hundreds of others with similar experience were announced. It was in Delta state that I discovered that votes cast from the creeks and fishing communities were more than that of Warri metropolis, the commercial nerve center and most populous town in the state. Politicians will never seize to amaze. Recently pictures of teenage voters allegedly captured during the last concluded Local Government elections exercise in Kano state went viral. In the south people screamed and yelled under age voting, as if local government chairmen in Kano are concern of Ngwa man, some even claimed cows and chickens were registered, such a funny country, the drama ain’t ending after all. Again for some weeks now INEC has been conducting continuous voter registration across the country, while the northern political gladiators are as usual mobilizing their people to obtain PVC, call them under age voters if you like, their southern counterparts are busy with propaganda on social media as if elections are won on it, the bulk of few who managed to obtain their PVCs are usually doing so as an alternative to bank identification purpose etc. Ever wonder why the total number of PVCs INEC distributed during the last exercise and the total number of votes delivered here were at big variance. So it’s between the northern evil and southern demon, the choice is yours. We must give our profound gratitude to Professor Attahiru Jega led INEC for the introduction of smart card readers and electronic accreditation process into our election guidelines. The task before the current handler, Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu is huge and daunting. May God grant him the moral rectitude to always do the right thing against expected political manipulations. It’s already rearing its ugly head in recent mischievous change of elections calendar by the national assembly. They scheme, we scheme but God is the best schemer and his will, will always prevail. Add 0802 739 7554 To Receive NEWS ALERTS On WhatsApp; For Adverts Enquiries, Whatsapp 0802 739 7554, READ ALSO! 14-Year-Old Pregnant Housemaid Dislodges Her Childless Madam, Says I Can’t Share Husband With You READ ALSO! The Smart CEO: Top 5 Websites To Get Cheap Domain Name Registration READ ALSO! First Bank’s Appalling Customer Service And Utter Disregard For Its Customers READ ALSO! Nigerian Filmmaker, Zuriel Oduwole Makes Forbes List Of 100 Most Influential African Women READ ALSO! the statement he issued earlier on Sunday]]>