Best 2 Legit Sites To Redeem Gift Cards To Naira In Nigeria

400 and has been operating in Nigeria as a gift cards vendor. They provide a good platform where Nigerians can securely sell gift cards and digital currencies fast at high rate without the involvement of a middleman. megacards is currently the best site to sell gift cards to naira in Nigeria online.

The company’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Augustine Olayode told our correspondent on Friday that Gift cards had become an alternative way of receiving money and as such megacards has made the process safe and easier for all Nigerians.

Olayode noted that megacards converts various gift cards to naira and customers get credited in their Nigerian bank accounts instantly. The following Gift cards can be trading on and

Amazon, iTunes, steam, Google play, nordstrom, sephora, eBay, vanilla, Walmart, American express etc.

Apart from gift cards, customers can also exchange digital funds to naira. The following funds are accepted on megacards:

Paypal funds
Greendot funds
Cashapp funds
Gobank funds
Zelle funds
Chime funds
Trading on megacards platform guarantees fast and efficient service and this ensures that customers do not lose their gift cards and funds to rippers or scammers on the internet.

Hence, is the recommended and best site to sell or redeem gift cards online in Nigeria and customers are paid in naira in less than 10 minutes – itunes, amazon, steam, googleplay, sephora, nordstrom, vanilla, ebay, apple etc.

Best 2 Legit Sites To Redeem Gift Cards To Naira In Nigeria

They have proven to be trustworthy and reliable over the years and have earned the trust of over 55,000 customers and still counting, our platform is duly registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission.

No more selling of gift cards at low prices, megacards platform offers high rates for all your gift cards and funds.

The PRO urged members of the public not to fall victim to scammers on the internet but rather choose megacards as their number one gift cards vendor as they will enjoy the best market rates and megacards offers free daily price updates on WhatsApp and website to help their customers to know the best card to collect at any particular time.

“We are online 24 hours and ready to attend to your needs; our customer service is unique in the sense that they are polite, attentive and warm.”

“We are currently the most reliable gift card sellers you’ll find in any part of the world. Also, there is a guaranteed zero chance of transaction failure,” he said.

How To Trade gift cards on Megacards

You can trade online by visiting megacards website:

Call/Whatsapp: 0913 117 4899

How To Trade gift cards on Percycards

You can trade online by visiting percycards

Call/Whatsapp: 0915 776 9130