BREAKING: Money, Phone Disappear As Police Dump Accident Victims


The car in front of mine somersaulted to the other side of the bridge and crashed into two cars. One of the victims came out of the car himself, while the other two were trapped in their cars.“Thankfully, some men helped to bring them out. Police Dump Accident Victims, Two had injuries on their heads; one of the men literally had his head split open, and was bleeding profusely.“I called the rapid response number, 112. Unfortunately, they were not as rapid as I expected and I couldn’t stop the bleeding. So, I got the policemen to take two of the victims in their car and follow me as I took one in mine.“I took them to LUTH where I am schooling. To Receive Free News Updates, Add To Your WhatsApp: 08033857245; For Adverts Enquiries, Call 08083609209, To Publish Your Articles Or News Stories, Email ]]>