Cashless Policy: How FG Is Disempowering Nigerians


Cashless Policy: How FG Is Disempowering Nigerians

I really don’t care that The Presidency has dissolved The Economic Management Team headed by Prof. Osinbajo and replaced it with The Economic Advisory Council (EAC) which will henceforth report directly to The President, or that Prof. Osinbajo is not a member of EAC.

I don’t care that The Social Investment Portfolio, otherwise known as ‘Trader Moni’ , has been moved to a new ministry, or that Trader Moni is to be audited.

I don’t care that President Buhari has dissolved The Special Presidential Investigation Panel for the Recovery of Public Property (SPIP) led by Obono-Obla and instituted by then acting President Osinbajo.

I don’t blink an eyelid that The Vice President has been directed to seek presidential approval before administering the ministries and agencies under his portfolio.

Nor do my eyelids quiver at the news that some of those agencies have been removed from his purvey, notably – National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), National Boundary Commission (NBC), Border Communities Development Agency (BCDA) and Social Investment Programmes (SIP). All of which have been moved to the newly created Ministry of Social Development, Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management.

I don’t care that most of The Vice President’s aides have been approved for redeployment away from his office, to other agencies and MDA’s.

I’m not even bothered that The Vice President’s remaining aides have been ousted from their office space within The Presidency and directed to look for offices outside The Villa.

What I do care about is that The Federal Government has slammed a (punitive) 3% charge on lodgments into a corporate account of N3,000,000 and above and also a 5% charge for withdrawal from corporate accounts of like sums.

They further slammed a 2% charge on all lodgments of N500,000 and above into a personal account, while adding a charge of 3% on withdrawals from same.

What this means is that if I pay N500,000 into my personal account, I will automatically be charged N10,000.

The banks will also still charge transaction fees for withdrawals and lodgments, VAT @7.5%, account maintenance fee, stamp duty and any other fee/ charges the banks decide to throw at me.

The onslaught is relentless! Nigerians are now to pay to put their money in a bank. They pay to keep it there and they pay to remove it.

The Government is putting its hand in our pockets. There must be something we can do about this.

I have been relentless I my opinion that these people have nothing good for this country than sorrow, tears and blood. Even their defenders/supporters are short of words to use in defending them as before. We were labelled wailers thus every sensible Nigerian complaining is now a wailer.

A deposit of N500k will cost you N10,000 in deposit charges in addition to SMS, COT, VAT, Acct. Maintenance, Stamp duty, money transfer & all other covert charges.

In Nigeria you now pay to deposit your own money in the bank, your own money o, not stolen money but worked for.

Buhari’s supporters aren’t exempted!

Source: Anonymus

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