Developers Unveil Platform For Nigerians To Upload And Track Polling Unit Results


Two Nigerian developers have launched Collate, an online platform for monitoring and uploading “signed” election results directly from polling units in real time.

A statement by its founders said the platform was built in response to challenges experienced during the presidential election — such as IREV server failure, poor internet connectivity, and loss of polling unit data.

The statement said the platform will serve as a centralised secure location for Nigerians to upload polling unit results, monitor, and track votes.

“One of the key features of Collate is a user-friendly interface, which allows voters to easily upload and share an image of the signed results from their polling units. This ensures the data is properly organised for essay analysis,” the statement reads.

Developers Unveil Platform For Nigerians To Upload And Track Polling Unit Results

“The platform has the database of all 176,000 polling units across Nigeria and makes it easy for voters from every part of the nation to upload the PU’s result, irrespective of the size.

“Collate’s election monitoring platform is already generating buzz among Nigerian Gen Z voters, with early adopters praising its ease of use and ability to upload their documents without a hassle.”

OO Nwoye, the co-founder of Collate, said the platform will provide voters across Nigeria with an online tool to make collating results on an individual level easier.

“The best way to advance democracy in Africa is to provide voters with the tools and resources that ensure that the electioneering process is transparent and they are reassured that their vote counts,” he said.

On his part, Ozo Omosigho, the co-creator of Collate, said he believes the platform has the potential to transform electioneering and voting in Nigeria and all of Africa.

“By bringing together researchers from across the continent and providing them with the resources they need to succeed, Collate can help drive innovation around elections and ensure fair, robust and transparent processes, as part of the democratic process,” he said.

To learn more about the platform or sign up, visit here

Source: The Cable