Doctor Killed As Elevator Crashes From 10th Floor Of Lagos Hospital


Doctor Killed As Elevator Crashes From 10th Floor Of Lagos Hospital

A Nigerian doctor identified as Vwaere has reportedly been killed in an elevator accident at General Hospital, Lagos.

According to a Twitter user @lx_amara, the elevator fell from the 10th floor of the building on Tuesday while Vwaere was inside it.

“A doctor who had just 2 weeks to complete her housemanship just died in general hospital (Odan, Lagos island) due to poor management and negligence. The elevator she was in, fell from 10th floor to the ground! Video was so painful to watch,” a post on Twitter reads.

The deceased was said to have been on her way to the ground floor where she was going to pick up a delivery from a dispatch rider.

It was said to have taken about one hour for the victim to be evacuated from the crashed elevator, after which she was rushed to the emergency room where she died.

A staff who also tweeted about the incident said the elevator was known to have had issues, and staff had made complaints about it.

“Particularly aggrieved because we’ve complained for a long time about this elevator. We’ve maneuvered, managed and prayed each time we had to use it. Empty promises will be made to fix it….till it killed one of us,” she wrote.

The doctor was said to have been a Grady Babcock University graduate who had two weeks left to complete her housemanship.

Since news of the incident became public, some Nigerians have taken to social media to share their experiences about the hospital, particularly the elevator.

I completed my internship in General Hospital Odan Lagos and I’m aware of their ZERO maintenance attitude. Elevators show tons and signs of problems before collapsing.

Now a Doctor is gone! A whole life gone because of wickedness and corruption. Someone’s head(s) must roll.

In 2020, the medical guild tweeted about the elevator at the hospital, calling the attention of the Lagos state government to it.

“The doctors quarters at General hospital Lagos has 10 floors. It has a non-functional elevator and no running water,” the tweet reads.

“Doctors who live on the 10th floor including pregnant women climb the stairs multiple times daily.

“Are we going to wait till someone dies before things are done properly?”