Embracing Change By Bucky Hassan


I had never had New Year resolutions – why bind myself into something that will fizzle out in two weeks time? Funny isn’t it? However I sometimes do have a mantra for the year, something I want to live by and allow to influence me if possible. 

We can become more set in our ways the older we get, and not want to leave our comfort zone. However, we miss out on new experiences and new opportunities when we are afraid to embrace the unknown, or to give things a chance to succeed or fail. Fear does nothing but hold back from going forward (or even backwards) – it is like shackles around the ankles that restrict the footsteps.

It is good to embrace change at work, in life, in relationships, with your children, with dreams and aspirations. However change does not mean – for example quitting a job. It might simply mean, examining what areas of your job really fulfil you, and seeing if there are other roles you could take on in the job. It might involve resolving to get further qualifications to help get a promotion or to move to a competitor offering a better package. Change with our children might be understanding that they are growing older, and we should learn to respect the dynamics of the ever-evolving relationship by trusting them with new responsibilities, and maybe even greater freedom, while continuing to raise them properly. In life, change could mean working on one’s own weaknesses and shortcomings, striving to be a better person, accepting friendly criticism graciously, and resolving to stretch and grow. 

What change means for me is different for what it means for you. It could be exploring a new business, going to the gym, chopping off all one’s hair, taking up a new sport, resolving to lose weight, deciding to spend more time actually getting closer to GOD, starting a new relationship or ending a relationship, pursuing new opportunities, moving to a different country, changing careers completely etc. 

It could be deciding to be stronger or gentler, more humble or a little more assertive, a little quieter or speaking up a bit more, being a bit more loving or a little bit more withholding, being more open or a bit more withdrawn, having a more active social life or cutting back a little on the social whirl, spending a bit more time in charitable endeavours or spending a bit more time with family. 

Whatever this change is, as long as it is a good thing and helps make you an even better person, with more to offer to the world around you, then please do go for it.

As part of my season of embracing change, I’ll be writing a weekly column for Skytrend News  every Wednesday beginning next week on a special area that would be unveiled in the inaugural column. Hope y’all will drop by, see what it’s like, comment, critique, come along on the journey.  

Change can be a most wonderful thing. 

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