ENDS Award: Amaechi Gets 2013 Revolutionary Nigerian


Every Nigerian Do Something [ENDS], a non-governmental organization that encourages every Nigerian to “do something in the interest of peace and progress of Nigeria” has awarded its 2013 revolutionary Nigerian to Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State. 

In a statement signed by its Executive Coordinator, Dr. Peregrino Brimah which was made available to Skytrend News, the group says it recognizes Governor Rotimi Amaechi for his honesty, his braveness, his dedication to the cause and his relentlessness in a true revolutionary spirit, and his boldness in leading and fighting the war against tyranny that the average Nigerian has been scared to recognize and wage. 

The statement added that the governor “did something” and fully deserves the year’s Award as a Nigeria’s true revolutionary.

“Before a strong political block came together as the All Progressive Congress, APC, there was Amaechi. Rivers state governor, Rotimi Amaechi has broken every barrier that typically binds Nigerians. Deserting the ‘national cake’ distributing emperor, risking the venom of the serving president of the Nation, Rotimi Amaechi stood up against the president of Nigeria and contested, challenged and won the elections of the Nigerian Governors Forum,” the statement said. 

ENDS further asserted that Governor Amaechi cut across typical regional, ethnic and religious boundaries to take the fight to a president from his very own region who he was disappointed in and rejected, ‘against punishment and against all odds.’

It stated that the young Rivers state governor has been able to stand against tyranny though bedevilled by ethnic and tribal blackmail, even at the expense of risking losing all.

ENDS Award recognizes every Nigerian who worked in the interest of life. The ENDS movement, otherwise known as the March 18th movement, evolved after the deadly bombing of the bus stop at Sabo in Kano on March 18th of 2013. Being an apolitical organization, its interest lies solely in Nigeria as united or regional or disintegrated as only concerns the preservation of life along with its sanctity.

The organization also advocates, supports, sponsors and promotes Every Nigerian who DOES SOMETHING in the interests of Peace, Progress and Safety and Sanctity of the Life of the Nigerian.

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