FCT minister orders indefinite closure of Dei-Dei market


Mohammad Bello, FCT minister, has ordered the indefinite closure of Dei – Dei market following a riot.

Bello gave the order on Wednesday after inspecting the scene of the incident with Sunday Babaji, FCT commissioner of police, and other security agencies.

It was reported that there was a riot at Dei-Dei on Wednesday.

While there are varying versions of what led to the riot, some residents said there was an accident involving a motorcycle around the market in the area.

The accident was said to have resulted in the chaos that followed.

During the riot, several persons were seen with what appeared to be machetes, while shops were razed and vehicles as well as motorcycles destroyed.

The minister directed the community and the market leaders to fish out the hoodlums responsible for the crisis.

“The community and market leaders must fish out hoodlums and bad eggs among them, unfortunately this time around hoodlums carry arms and they shot innocent people,” NAN quoted him as saying.

“As a matter of fact, I saw four corpses this is very sad and totally unequivocally unacceptable in Abuja.

“We have agreed with security agencies that full scale investigations will be done, and the communities have to be part and parcel of the solution or else there will be no peace.

”In the interim the timber market and the surrounding markets, including all the activities on road that have clustered the road and made it unpassable will all stop untill the technical team reviews everything, and then we will take the next decision.”